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  1. did anyone else see the 1st ep last night? it was awsome! rupert is the man anyone who saw the show would understand that comment
  2. next time i'll know where to check too bad it didnt show up in google..
  3. couldnt find a pic of him in a bears uniform, so this'll have to do... BTW the pic was found via google from espn
  4. the giants got owned by the patriots thursday john hope the niners win tonight tho
  5. now guys, i am holding judgement on this until i see the full package. from what i've read online, the rockets gave the logo out because someone at the chronicle was gonna post a cruder version, and that the logo will have more than just the red in it. and IMODO you guys are being wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too harsh about it
  6. all i can say is Yomigaeru Aiyan Sheffu! [translated meaning: Be resurrected iron chef] {i got the japewnese words and translation from BTW}
  7. Yeah, but we're not talking about using the game to edit the jerseys. We're talking about importing our own graphic files into the game. It's complex, but some of the tools people have made make it easier. in 2002 you can edit the helmets, midfeild logo, in game logo and endzones , which is kinda cool. sorry for forgetting to mention that
  8. Google has failed me. If I had any of the Madden games, I'd let you know if the files broke down similarly to NHL or not. I know the NBA Live and NHL series are very similar, and you can use many of the same tools on them. i have madden 2002, and as far as uniform editing goes, you can select colors of the uniform. you cant select any striping besides the default, which sucks. they use the titans number style too.
  9. with this statement, were you refering to my post or xl8r? just wanted to clarify...
  10. i may do those in the future, but for now, i may add to this set, but may not do any others right now
  11. .AFL 2003 defunct team unis is the place to go to see these 11 diffrent teams. all logos/numbers/nameplates done by hand in MS paint and for some of them tyhe image quality isnt that great, because they were saved as a gif
  12. thanks. i did them all in the nike uniform builder
  13. is where they are right now
  14. yeah, i know they may suck, but i decided to be diffrent with some of them. to see what i mean, go to and click on nfl2003. {preparing flame retardent sheild}
  15. has the site been updated? i cant see any padres uniforms on the pages yet...
  16. yeah i like this board a ton better