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  1. the twitch feed and the stream on the bzzr website are NOT one in the same, schedule wise
  2. i agree. i just hope the uniforms are cool and they do something innovative
  3. i'm actually kinda "meh" on the logos the uniforms will make or break them IMHO
  4. honestly, it seems to me anthony precourt has a case of LIGMA
  5. as the timbers army once said, it's so s***y it's unbelievable
  6. honestly.... this looks like the new york thunder to me.... maybe make the jersey orange and it'd be a good alternate jersey fir them, as i feel it should never be the same base color as one of their main uniforms
  7. ah WEEI home of dennis & callahan, of METCO gorilla fame....
  8. i know there's some faint cursing in this video, but my instant reaction is what the fans are chanting in this video:
  9. it's like they wanted to do a throwback, but not all the way.... the sharks fan in me loves it, because it's not a good jersey IMHO
  10. i would like to see diet pepsi in retro "patio diet cola" cans" as that was their old name
  11. screw FC cincinatti and screw nashville FC.... we shoulda been in instead of nashville... MLS is dead to me... we'll never get in and i feel strung along by MLS as a SRFC fan
  12. i have a feeling we will hear one chant when they are revealed, at least here, "they're so s****ty they're unbelieveable"
  13. inb4 the jersey numbers are basically replaced with the trollface emoji
  14. niner fan here as well.... if the blue was limited to drop shadow and was jeany, it MIGHT work better, but as it is, that's gonna have to be a no from me, dawg
  15. ah, tim lie weekly, as us former san jose earthquakes fans used to know him as before the team moved to houston