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  1. garber told us at a rally when we broke ground on the stadium it was a matter of "when, not if" that we were gonna get into MLS, we were under the impression our ownership was enough, then when we pitched again to them in NYC, apparently they said we don't have enough money, which we'd have when we got into the league, and they knew we'd have york and meg whitman when we got in... now we need more money... it's a case of "telling us one thing and doing another" aka moving the goalposts
  2. but MLS keeps moving the goalpoasts on us, so i doubt we'll get in. if so, MLS is dead to me
  3. but in all honesty, central florida, who went undefeated and beat BOTH bama and auburn, is the real national champion.
  4. state penn should be forced to wear orange and black uniforms with the lion logo reversed so it's turning its back, as the the administration, coaching staff and fans did to the sandusky thing
  5. and i think the kings have 1 more court coming(i assume for the city edition jerseys)
  6. port still ARE the SANFL magpies... both teams have the same ownership and i believe always have
  7. as someone who was a fan of a team that was moved(san jose) i cant print on this website what i WANT to say. what you posted was in poor taste and disrespectful #precortout
  8. sac state is wearing their black jerseys in the causeway classic vs UD d*vis... doesnt look like sac state at ALL
  9. well e-sports are definitely in the realm of sports. It takes hand eye coordination, teamwork, physical and mental skill, hours and hours of practice, etc. There is alot in common with traditional sports than people realize
  10. i'm a fan of the shock, but i'd be a fan of theirs anyway cause it's a SF team. the gladiators will prolly be known as LAG in game, which is a nice meme.
  11. grant napear and jerry renyolds, the best commentary duo in the NBA
  12. is it black and blue or gold and white?
  13. they arent the devils, they are the LOLvils. you coulda prevented the horribad redesign guys.......
  14. for the sharks, a silver shoulder yoke outlined in black would make it so much better
  15. the new jersey devils look like someone used create a team in NHL18 or something
  16. wait, vegas has embroidery on its helmet logo?
  17. if it's not, may he be immortalized in carbonite
  18. maybe some silver instead of white too?
  19. i made a special event discord server that folks can use if they want for this or any future thing wherethis place may get overloaded. is the url for it, and there is a voice chat component, but i dont forsee it being used. mods, if this is the wrong place for this, i apologize. and since i forgot, you'll have to have a verified email to chat
  20. as a fan i'm not a fan (i'm a sharks fan but couldnt resist the meme)
  21. i really hope the NHL will ditch the white jerseys as much as possible. there could be some really cool "clash" jerseys for some teams if that happened
  22. i wish the preds had gone nashville sounds with the neon references.
  23. that jersey blows. please NHL dont let them all be this bad
  24. to those people are this upset about ice hockey in warm weather climates, why arent you this mad about ice hockey in warm weather places like egypt. warm weather cklimate that if we take your argument to it's logical end, doesnt deserve to have ice hockey.
  25. so you are saying the wisconsin herd is represented by a lumbering ass?