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  1. honestly if anything it was a passive agressive post on STL Fanatic's part.......

    (This is what I meant about being shouted down earlier, Goth.)

    You are the one who called an opposing viewpoint "disagreeable" only because it disagreed with yours. Once you get personal, people will react badly.

    Crap. I think I'm just a victim of my own ignorance.

    I thought disagreeable meant "able to be disagreed with."

    It doesn't.


    Holy carp someone admitted they were wrong on the Internet. I must be drunk.

  2. they most certinaly are sports... you need hand eye coordination, teamwork, strategy and knoledge of the in game stats and opponents tendencies to make the best plays/charecter selections .... kinda sounds like a head coach in the nfl picking the right play to run at the right time, isnt it? with all the work these people put in as well, it is a full time job... esports are just as much sports as any team sport, even more so than chess, and that is accepted as a sport, i think chess has even been considered for the olympics.

    these people practice and strategize for at least 8 hours a day so when gametime comes they can be at their best. oh that's just like any sport in existance. you gotta practice to get decent!

    esports are just as demanding as any other sport... they're just more mentally taxing than physically, although there is definately that component too

  3. I signed up to say a couple things.

    First of all, the Cubs haven't worn their alternates at home since I believe 2009. So please get your facts together people.

    Second of all, you White Sux bias is really showing Roman. First off, I'm not a fan of their grey alt, but how on earth is it anywhere near among the worst in sports? Because there's a bit of space between the wordmark? Honestly I'm not huge on the wordmark, or the numbers, but everything else about the uniform is great.

    Also what's wrong with their alt logo? It's a bear in a C, what's wrong with that? It's far less cartoony than their other bear logos, and I feel with it's pose it fits well with the C. How about giving a reason?

    Third of all, "somehow considered historic"? Yeah, who would ever think the second winning team in baseball, along with being the oldest American pro sports team and playing at arguably the most iconic stadium in sports would be considered iconic. Clearly a team playing at Corporate Sellout Park (which they only got from kick and screaming that they'd move to Tampa) with the fewest playoff appearances and whom's most well known moment was when they almost killed the league by losing on purpose is soooo historic.

    rack him, he's out