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  1. hey,i just tried this tool with a copy of a logo someone made for me in paint...it turned out really nice...but is there anyway of downloading/saving the vectorized image as a gif. or png. or jpeg.??or is that even possible?
  2. http://nhllogos.blogspot.com That one? yeah...thanks Tournament of Logos was the name i was trying to think of......
  3. whats that other website that has the the timeline for all the jersey unveilings...it's logo-something or other....someone posted a link a few days ago but i cant remember what it was called...
  4. hey shrapnell,we are on the exact same page.....i have been trying to find out the same info for the very same reason(fantasy leagues)....i have been to all the different forums(ea boards,sportsgamers,etc)...i came to the same conclusion,too complicated!!!.....just a note on EA 02,someone told me you could only do 2 custom jerseys per season...can anyone else verify if thats correct because i would consider grabbing a copy if you could do more teams...
  5. there's no way that so-called Leafs leak could be real...i mean,c'mon...we'd be the laughing stock of the league(insert joke here)with that ginormous logo!!!thats insane....i had the chance to watch the special last year that showed the whole process the Leafs went thru in designing the logo for the Marlies....they tried to stay with the traditional and historical values of the nickanme.......i cant believe for one second that they would turn around and actually put something like that on our players(or expect Leaf fans to actually purchase those fugly things)...
  6. looking at these comparisons,i don't think there's any doubts that the new logos are a million times better then the old ones....if i was a Sen's fan i would definitely want the 2d version on my jersey..the new 3d is a lot better then the old 3d but the 2d just looks a lot nicer to me....
  7. i'm not very familiar with what you can and cannot do with EA NHL games...perhaps someone could answer this...is it possible to upload your own logos into the game and create custom jerseys or can you only use "custom" logos provided within the game. the reason i ask is, if it is possible to upload your own logos into the game i would definitely consider buying the game----it would be great for my fantasy hockey league..... also if it is possible,is it a fairly simple process??
  8. just to throw my 2 cents out there....i think the primary logo works very well....just like with your previous concepts,your work is truly amazing however,for me,i think there's too much white on the home jerseys.....it works ok on the road jersey where you have all that black on the sleeves and at the bottom of the jersey but i'm not feeling all the white on the home jersey.....for my money the alternate is by far the best of the 3.. as for your NJ concept...i always thought the red/green colour combo was a very interesting and somewhat unique idea(as compared to red/black)...also isn't the nickname some sort of reference to a "mythical" swamp monster as opposed to Satan...perhaps you could come up with something that isn't necessarily a reference to the Devil himself......no matter what you come up with i'm certainly looking forward to it....
  9. leafs4ever

    Cougar Logo

    to be honest,i think the teeth looked better in V2.....but all in all,it's a nice concept...i even like the colour scheme
  10. wow,that is a beautiful logo....what an original concept.......if i could make one suggestion....to me the laces would seem more suited to be on the top of the "plane"...just wondering if the logo would still work if you angled the plane downwards so that you were looking at the top of it instead of the bottom....just a suggestion......either way it's a very cool idea!
  11. you know the really sad part is, that as great as your logo is,it will never see the light of day for this or any other team now....that sucks cos that is some sweet work...
  12. leafs4ever

    Canucks 3rd

    i've always thought the original Canucks jerseys were their best....as for the "V" logo,it looks really nice and would certainly make a great secondary logo...i agree with the comment about the blue striping on the sleeves,it would look better if it were solid.....all in all,very nice
  13. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners......nice work all around i can't believe i got 5 votes ......thanks to those who shot a vote my way
  14. what da hell are you people talking about!!!!! BLACK on a Leaf jersey.....never..blah yuk...i love the Leafs 3rd jersey as it is although i realize they are just about the only team using a white jersey for their 3rd,switching to the dark version of their current 3rd would make the most sense to me