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  1. I feel like they are trying to emphasize the "authentically Memphis" image by putting Memphis on the home jersey. Hope the rebrand helps with attendance. As a former Memphian now in St. Louis, I didn't realize how much I'd miss the Redbirds until I moved.
  2. When I saw that the Redbirds weren't changing their name to the Memphis Dryrub Ribs or something crazy I was relieved. But I still think this rebrand is fantastic.
  3. Penn State for the rest of the decade should be glad they weren't given the death penalty.
  4. This promo image from the St. Louis Cardinals calendar shows the team's 125th anniversary logo. For some reason they only count years from joining the National League. Seems like an odd mashup of eras to me.
  5. My theory on the Pistons is that the conversation went like this: Pistons: We'll move into your arena if we're equal partners. Wings: If we're going to be partners you can't have any side arenas. Pistons: OK Palace land will be sold and building demolished.
  6. Agreed about new Vikings stadium. The shadows were barely noticeable and didn't effect TV viewing. I know shadows in some stadiums really impact the quality of the TV broadcast.
  7. National Car Rental Field, proposed new home of the St. Louis Rams While the stadium design itself was nothing too noteworthy, it would have been one of the few stadia that was within visual distance of the old stadium (in a situation where the old one wasn't torn down). I'd love to see this design without the upper deck for a potential St. Louis MLS stadium, but the latest rumor has that stadium over by Union Station/Scottrade Center (but even an announcement about a proposal is six months or more away).
  8. The thing about the 8 et start time is how many east coast people are turning the games off because they have to go to bed. Wouldn't a station rather keep those people at the expense of some west coasters missing the start? I don't really care about the network and who covers what, but MLB Network should have day games several times a week and an evening game on any night no other network has a game. With the current contracts, it'd be Sun afternoon: TBS Sun/Wed: ESPN Tues/Sat: FS1 Mon/Th/Fri: MLBN I don't need NBC back in baseball; I don't need their "context". Oh and if TBS just has to pick a playoff "theme" song each year go for it, but it can only be played once before the game and once after.
  9. LA folks, Is there anyone who says they won't cheer for the Rams because of anguish from when they left in the 90s? Now to answer the questions I saw above: 1. The dome is really not as bad as people make it out to be. It is dark inside, but the CVC's (Convention and Visitors' Bureau who runs the dome) renovation plan would have increased light from the outside dramatically, and if ETFE takes off the roof could have probably been upgraded to allow more light as well. It would be a fine stadium with renovations the CVC planned in their second proposal. The dome's real problem was that it was built on spec. Because it was built on spec, the CVC was desperate to get a team so they gave away the story with the insane "first-tier" clause. The other thing is the CVC is not in the best shape financially. I wonder what would have happened had the Rams said OK to the CVC renovation proposal because I'm not sure they even had the money for that. 2. I am glad, however, they got this move over with instead of staying here until the Inglewood Stadium is ready as someone suggested above. Several lame duck years here would have been terrible for everyone. I'm glad we're not having to deal with what San Diego is going through with yet another lame duck year for the Chargers. 3. Also, I should clarify that there is a very little chance the dome actually gets demolished. It was thrown out as an idea in a brainstorming session and the next thing you know some local media had reported the dome being torn down. If anything, I could see them dropping a floor in the middle to create an additional convention hall but even that is doubtful. When I attended the legends of the dome game (with the field still in yellow end zones) the place wasn't looking so great. There was mold around the drinking fountain, random Rams signs still up, and empty team store areas. The concessions were painfully slow for a crowd of 10K, but that I imagine is because most of their staff found other jobs with so few stadium events in the dome. I sure hope they can maintain the place properly and get some more events in there. The state football association moved the state championships to Springfield and Columbia over the next few years in part because of the Rams leaving. Last time I checked, there are only four stadium events scheduled the rest of the year, a Beyonce concert and three days of dirt racing. It is used for conventions also but that business has slowed, especially in the Midwest which is a cutthroat convention market right now.
  10. I hate that name so much. I have some alternatives. Missouri Dome (state gets some advertising for the money it puts in, could even slap the state tourism logo on the roof, see mockup below) Dirt Cheap Dome (named after a local liquor store and a nod to the fact that if they hadn't built the place on spec St. Louis very well may still have a team; I don't think they give the Rams such a dumb lease otherwise.) National Car Rental Dome (maybe Enterprise would be in the mood to be generous, doubt it) Also in rare team match ups, the Los Angeles Rams have never played the Tennessee Titans or the Houston Texans.
  11. Agreed with Gothamite: There was surprisingly little clearance merchandise in the St. Louis area since anything that just said Rams could be resold in LA instantly. I still wonder if they could keep the same uniforms but switch the gold to yellow in the interim or if that's still considered a "new uniform".
  12. It was free hat day. It was very unorganized. I was in 5th grade and at the hat giveaway spot this guy what trying to tell groups to send one person per party to get the hats. My Dad said hell no to that and drug me along with him to the hat table. It says "Charter PSL holder" on it, and we still have them somewhere in his basement. Both he and I have taken all our Rams stuff down at our respective homes but didn't throw it away. It didn't seem right to display it, nor to burn it or toss it out.
  13. The Rams are doing exactly what the Memphis Grizzlies did when they left Vancouver. They wore the Vancouver stuff in Memphis for three years while they played in The Pyramid. When the FedExForum opened, they switched to their current set. Then some people buy merchandise twice. Grizz logos Also, would the league allow them to switch out gold for yellow immediately (like 2017) while saving the complete redesign for the new stadium? In LA what are people wearing now on new t-shirts, etc.? Yellow/blue throwback stuff or gold/blue?
  14. This also reminds me of when the Rams played at Busch Stadium in their first year in St. Louis. The cutout turf for the bases had some sort of problem so they played at least one (but maybe more) of the 5 games there with the dirt showing through on an AstroTurf field. pic of Rams at Busch Stadium II
  15. 1. The Memphis Grizzlies will not relocate. The one thing Memphis did right re Grizzlies is the strict lease, plus the new owner agreed to several provisions which make moving the team very difficult (at least in next decade). 2. When the Sonics moved, a movement to get NBA back to Seattle started quickly. There is no such movement in STL regarding the Rams. I don't see a NFL team in my hometown again in my lifetime (next 50-70 years). 3. I don't see a North American league expanding to Europe unless supersonic flight becomes possible again (a la another Concorde). I see it as a certainty if this technology is developed. 4. One of the four major sports leagues will move all their championship games to pay TV or streaming services. 5. Several more teams will announce plans to replace 20 or so year old stadiums and people will still have "WTF" reactions (a la Turner Field). possibilities with "rationale" Honda Center: need to be in downtown Anaheim or area with more "development" opportunities Wells Fargo Center: same reason as Anaheim Everbank Field: will claim stadium is really old because one part remained from old Gator Bowl Chase Field: already some rumors about Diamondbacks moving to a reservation or someting Angel Stadium: has been discussed a bit already (was heavily renovated in 90s)
  16. Somehow in the internet wormhole I was reading about this a bunch and here are some thoughts: -no tackling before high school -all levels should have limits on amount of full contact similar to those being enacted by many state HS associations such as Ohio's -reduce Thursday Night football to only teams that did not play the previous week (This might not fly for Thanksgiving games but the other TNF games are often garbage.) -2nd bye week in NFL for more recovery time (I'd even have all the teams in a conference have a bye at once.) -absolutely no expansion of 16-game season ever
  17. STL 1. Cardinals 2. Cardinals farm teams 3. debating the Cardinals' lineups 4. Blues 5. Mizzou Football (for now) 6. complaining about losing the Rams 7. STLFC soccer 8. high school sports 9. washer leagues . . . . . . . . . . 10. SLU/Mizzou/College Hoops (Note the giant blank space in the midwest from this year's tournament.) NCAA March Madness Map
  18. Agreed on buying the day of. I'm hoping Haines sells the Ambush to local investors because I don't see him owning two teams ending well for either one of them. A MMA promotion does free fights several times a year at the Family Arena (Ambush's home) and they recently bought an indoor football team. Rumor is they might buy Ambush too but nothing confirmed. It was pretty funny last season seeing Haines standing next to the bench wearing a jersey. I thought he was going to sub himself into the game a few times!
  19. Still can't believe all 8 teams are making playoffs. If they're going to do that, at least they should make it like the Aussie Football playoffs so the regular season isn't pointless. 1 vs. 4 2 vs. 3 Winners get byes to semis. Losers to second round. 5 vs. 8 6 vs. 7 Winners to semis. Losers out. And so on..
  20. I believe if one of these lawsuits gets anywhere (small chance at best), it will be the one about the team not saying they were moving earlier, since they actually cite a law that they claim was broken, the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. I think the suing for the PSL is a waste of time because of the clause Gothamite said. My Dad used to have a PSL and when he gave it up a few years back (We still went to games but easier and cheaper with StubHub.) he read through this carefully and figured it wouldn't transfer to a new stadium in STL or result in a refund if they moved. Since we could get tix through StubHub cheap, the PSL basically was worthless at that point even a few years ago. I can understand trying to get some of the $17 million back for the prep work on the imaginary riverfront stadium and that some pressure might get the NFL to cough up some of that, but this alderman in this link is just nuts... St. Louis aldermanic president asks NFL to pay for Edward Jones dome debt I still think Kroenke is a jerk, but it was a terrible lease and he was free to move. I also won't hold my breath on MLS until I hear reliable sources give ownership names.
  21. I was a kid at the time so it didn't completely understand the concept of LA losing its team. Plus, it was still very early for the internet, and TV reports here in STL made it seem like no one really cared that Rams were leaving LA and that LA sports fans would be perfectly wine watching USC and the Lakers. As for the city, they had just lost out on the expansion of not getting the Stallions. I think the city felt this was the only chance to get a team (and we were foolishly building the dome on spec) and if we wanted a team we had to take it. The joke was we'd have a great facility for tractor pulls if we didn't get a team. I also think some people felt it was "righting a wrong" from losing the football Cardinals. Of course, if they had just built that damn dome a few years sooner we probably would still have the Cardinals and wouldn't be talking about a new stadium to replace the dome until the dome was at least paid for. This article below claims Bidwell really didn't want to leave St. Louis, and if the city would have built the dome then he'd surely have signed a long-term lease with no "top tier" clause. I will also still defend the dome itself. It really only needs bigger video boards, better lighting, outside windows (like Ford Field), and new seats. All of these issues were addressed with the CVC's second proposal, but again none of that mattered because of the wording of the lease. The Edward Jones Dome is undoubtedly a better stadium than Tropicana Field, but St. Petersburg was smart enough to have an ironclad lease so the Rays are still there and probably will be there for the foreseeable future. Now, as far as a new NFL team, I don't want to wish the sadness I feel now on another city so the only way I would want a team is either: 1. expansion or 2. a team basically having to move because stadium literally falling apart (which could apply to Raiders but don't see that happening and am not hoping for it to happen). http://www.101sports.com/2016/01/11/stark-contrast-losing-rams-2016-losing-cardinals-1988/ I'm mostly upset because I feel like since I moved back to STL in summer 2014 it's been one crappy thing after another around here (Ferguson, Mizzou protests, flooding last month, Rams moving, Cardinals cheating scandal). And I have no friends here, no dating prospects, and may have made a mistake in moving here in the first place.
  22. Glad to see some people on here are keeping the emotions of St. Louis Rams fans like myself in mind tonight. Some of the vitriol and crap I've seen on twitter is making me question humanity. And when someone gives me crap about Cardinals baseball fandom I'm going to say, "What other baseball fan base drove a NFL team out of town?"
  23. Hope people are kind with my city tonight, people will be hurting. My Dad had Rams season tickets in the nose bleeds for a dozen years. I'd say we went to about 60-70 games together over the course of 20 years, still going to a few games a year even after he gave the tickets up (I had moved out of state and it was starting to get difficult for him to get people to go with him. Plus with StubHub we got some great deals on tix the last few years.) He always found free parking several blocks from the dome and I learned in middle school to walk real fast because he always wanted to beat the traffic after the game. I usually as a kid made him stay to the end even if they were losing by 21 with 2 minutes left. Even this year with 40-45K in the dome, that place could get quite loud. There is no reason that dome (and the Georgia Dome) couldn't last 20 more years as a NFL stadium with some reasonable renovations like the CVC proposed in its second and final plan (expanded club level and concourse, windows to let in more light, center scoreboard, etc.). The only thing fundamentally wrong with the dome was the stupid lease it had.
  24. They'll direct some of the relocation fee to Davis to help him build a new 50K Oakland Stadium. Spanos can then save face and stay loyal to Davis. Everyone wins, except San Diego and St. Louis. Hope I'm wrong.
  25. Exactly. The only fundamental flaw in the dome was the top-tier lease clause. I even read once (can't find source now) that the Rams proposed that clause not thinking STL would go for it, but my city foolishly did. Also, I think they banked too much on Frontiere wanting to return to her hometown and did not keep in mind that her heirs would sell the team as they did.
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