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  1. @Silent Wind of Doom Have you ever considered doing Australian versions of these sig files?
  2. The following hashtag needs to be trending:
  3. Seeing what the AAF is going through money wise, I have one word of advice of Vince McMahon. CANCEL. IT. NOW.
  4. This league is toast. (XFL, are you paying attention? Don't bother with 2020.)
  5. Vikings current home #14 Wild current home Twins 1984 road #34 Timberwolves Icon #33 Lynx #13 Minnesota United FC primary Geelong Cats home
  6. FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp!
  7. Wimpy just looked at the logo and said, "I will gladly pay You Tuesday for some touchdowns today."
  8. Patriots 38, Rams 27 Prop Bets: ATS: Patriots -2.5 O/U 56.5 Coin toss: Tails Winner of coin toss will: Defer to 2nd half O[/U on Accepted penalties: 12.5 First Touchdown: Sony Michel Roof: Closed SpongeBob Square Pants reference during halftime show: Yes
  9. How soon before Edina gains an expansion team? And how soon before they begin to dominate the Kellogg Cup?
  10. 2017, not 2018 would have been the 35th anniversary season.