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  1. Down with Major. Indoor. Tiddlywinks.
  2. If it is Kraken, I hope fans around the league have this as a retort:
  3. The 2020 MiLB season is officially deceased, and for some, there will be no proper sendoff(Maybe paywalled).
  4. Or better still, 2-games total-points(goals), best-of-3(1-2), best-of-5(2-2-1), then best-of-7(2-3-2). At least that's how I would do it.
  5. In more serious news, The AHL cancels the remainder of their season. That includes the whole Calder Cup playoffs.
  6. All day Thursday I'll be working on piecing together the NFL schedule in advance of the primetime release. If you want, you can follow along at the following:
  7. @Bruhammydude, are you serious?
  8. COVID-19 maybe the brute force MLB needed to take over MiLB, and also kill off short-season ball.
  9. This will no longer be...the XFL. Yeah, I went there.
  10. Not anymore. They too suspended their season today.
  11. You misspelled Buddy Bears.