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  1. All this buildup for a team that could get fortyseconded to fulfill MLB's bloodlust to move MILB to the exurbs of MLB cities? Yeah, right.
  2. Week 8: Vikings 38, Redskins 13 Seahawks 31, Falcons 14 Colts 26, Broncos 18 Titans 27, Buccaneers 23 Saints 33, Cardinals 27 Rams 31, Bengals 14 Bills 30, Eagles Bears 27, Chargers 16 Lions 24, Giants 21 Jaguars 27, Jets 7 49ers 34, Panthers 23 Texans 30, Raiders 20 Patriots 41, Browns 6 Packers 23, Chiefs 22 Steelers 35, Dolphins 13
  3. Someone on another forum did a quick calculation on who would be cut in a contraction of the minor leagues: -- Staten Island (NYY) and Brooklyn (NYM) would likely be the two NYPL teams moving up to the AA Eastern League -- Aberdeen (BAL) would likely be the NYPL team moving to the high-A Carolina League -- If you sort all 160 current affected teams, the top 120 (the projected cutoff point) would all have a minimum of 5000 seats at their stadiums. The two independent teams (St. Paul and Sugar Land) have capacities of 7000-7500 -- All 10 teams in the Appalachian League are in the danger zone, having capacities of 4000 or less, but 7 of those 10 teams are owned by their MLB affiliates -- The other Rookie-Adv level league, the Pioneer League, currently has 5 out of 8 teams in the safety zone (including Colorado-owned Grand Junction), but 2 of those 5 would be bumped out by the two independents -- High-A Carolina League would have 3 teams in trouble (Down East (TEX owned), Fayetteville (HOU owned), Lynchburg) -- High-A Florida State League would have 1 team in trouble (Daytona) -- High-A California League would have 3 teams in trouble (Modesto (SEA owned), San Jose (SF owned), Visalia) -- Low-A South Atlantic League would have 3 teams in trouble (Asheville, Hagerstown, Kannapolis) -- Low-A Midwest League would have 3 teams in trouble (Beloit, Bowling Green, Burlington)
  4. The St. Paul Saints' reaction to all this? It's news to us.
  5. I actually saw a report on saying that a PCL team is being targeted for a move to St. Paul and that some short season clubs, like the whole Northwest League may become full season operations.
  6. MLB has proposed eliminating 42 MiLB clubs from affiliated baseball(basically by nuking the short season leagues) and is seeking to bring in two independent league teams to help get to 120. Those being So...with that in mind, what 42 clubs would you eliminate? This of course assumes this idea passes through without modifications.
  7. So...what 42 clubs would you eliminate? This of course assumes this idea passes through without modifications. I'm gonna post this again in the realignment thread, so answer the question there, not here.
  8. Chiefs 28, Broncos 20 Bills 24, Dolphins 6 Jaguars 30, Bengals 20 Vikings 30, Lions 27 Packers 31, Raiders 21 Rams 42, Falcons 21 Colts 23, Texans 21 49ers 30, Redskins 7 Giants 27, Cardinals 13 Titans 30, Chargers 20 Saints 24, Bears 13 Seahawks 20, Ravens 13 Cowboys 31, Eagles 21 Patriots 38, Jets 10
  9. Watch it be Mill Mules, due to Brandlose's involvement of course.
  10. Patriots 40, Giants 14 Panthers 27, Buccaneers 24(loser must change their name to Sillynannies) Redskins 13, Dolphins 10 Vikings 30, Eagles 22 Chiefs 34, Texans 29 Saints 27, Jaguars 23 Seahawks 30, Browns 14 Ravens 28, Bengals 23 Rams 28, 49ers 13 Cardinals 23, Falcons 16 Cowboys 33, Jets 20 Broncos 24, Titans 13 Chargers 34, Steelers 21 Packers 24, Lions 22
  11. Rip-off time! Who do you think will earn the right to lose to the Clippers Lakers?
  12. Let's Go Who! I can't imagine anything else being the main chant. But I digress.
  13. Blope: St. Thomas, subject approval of a waiver, is heading to the Summit League in 2021. The move comes two days after City Pages(a Twin Cities weekly) gave a good explanation why their soon to be former conference gave the Tommies their walking papers.
  14. And the Mets are off to a strong start. They just fired Mickey Callaway as their manager.
  15. Seahawks Eagles Texans Ravens Patriots Titans Cardinals Bears Vikings Jaguars Broncos Cowboys Chiefs 49ers
  16. Minnesota legislator looks to introduce bill on NIL rights for Student-Athletes: Pennsylvania is also going to see some action on this front.
  17. Packers Ravens Colts Texans Giants Falcons Chargers Lions Patriots Rams Seahawks Jaguars Vikings Saints Steelers
  18. Bugs Bunny did back in the day...
  19. Moving on to Week 3: Titans 27, Jaguars 14 Bills 24, Bengals 17 Eagles 30, Lions 20 Patriots 51, Jets 7 Vikings 38, Raiders 13 Chiefs 36, Ravens 32 Falcons 24, Colts 21 Packers 31, Broncos 21 Cowboys 42, Dolphins 0 Buccaneers 23, Giants 16 Cardinals 25, Panthers 13 49ers 34, Steelers 24 Seahawks 31, Saints 28 Chargers 24, Texans 19 Rams 31, Browns 24 Bears 34, Redskins 14
  20. TMK, Lambeau never had a deal with RC Cola. I know the Mets and Lakers/Kings have had RC deals in the past.
  21. And it got worse. Worst finish by any American team in any International tournament ever is assured.
  22. Panthers Packers Seahawks Titans Ravens Giants Chargers Cowboys Texans 49ers Patriots Chiefs Bears Rams Falcons Browns
  23. Potential sportpocalypse on the horizon as AT&T threatens to dump the FON, along with other Disney networks.