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  1. Who on the Blue Jackets hurt you? Oh btw, gotta sweep, sweep, sweep! And again as the Penguins go the way of the broom.
  2. Yes folks, IT, IS HAPPENING!
  3. We've got a schedule coming out tomorrow, so I will be busy posting all the leaks that will be coming our way.
  4. No thread on the current year of golf? On the day Tiger completed his comeback? Well, like it or not, here it is...fore please!
  5. Given that Brandlose is involved, Norwich Killer Tomatoes is almost too perfect to use.
  6. Bucks in a sweep Pacers in 6 Sixers in 6 Raptors in 6 Warriors in a sweep Jazz in 7 Thunder in 6 Spurs in 7
  7. First round picks, youz' mugs: East: BLUE JACKETS IN 7!* Maple Leafs in 6 Capitals in 6 Islanders in 7 West: Predators in 6 Jets in 5 Flames in 6 Golden Knights in 7 *A guy can dream, can't he?
  8. Twins-Warehouse Field Vikings-Grant Field at Riverfront Dome Timberwolves-(New) Minneapolis Auditorium Gopher Football-Nagurski Memorial Stadium Minnesota United FC-University Avenue Ground Wild-(New) St. Paul Civic Center or Rivercentre Arena Saints-Lowertown Ballpark
  9. AKA: Who's gonna get screwed by the Metro this year? Will have my picks up sometime this week.
  10. His retirement was long overdue in my book. But I'll definitely miss the BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY start.
  11. If this idea was ever implemented, the shark would eat the jumper.
  12. If Vince McMahon were honest, he'd drop the proposal to relaunch immediately.
  13. Not to brag, but I'd like to use this post to present to you a side project I'm doing for another forum, It's my own NFL schedule matrix. I got the idea from one that appeared on Reddit's NFL forum. Feel free to look at it.
  14. @Silent Wind of Doom Have you ever considered doing Australian versions of these sig files?
  15. The following hashtag needs to be trending:
  16. Seeing what the AAF is going through money wise, I have one word of advice of Vince McMahon. CANCEL. IT. NOW.
  17. This league is toast. (XFL, are you paying attention? Don't bother with 2020.)
  18. Vikings current home #14 Wild current home Twins 1984 road #34 Timberwolves Icon #33 Lynx #13 Minnesota United FC primary Geelong Cats home
  19. FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp! FISHSTICKS! Womp! Womp!
  20. Wimpy just looked at the logo and said, "I will gladly pay You Tuesday for some touchdowns today."