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  1. RT @RandallTime: If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the 2018 NBA finals I’ll buy everyone who retweet’s this a jersey...

  2. RT @cjzero: Yessssss https://t.co/SCxwGGm3AT

  3. RT @footballzebras: I once got a "no comment" from Ed Hochuli that was three paragraphs long https://t.co/kipAV5djtq

  4. RT @MarthaKelly3: Every politician who’s blocked gun safety laws should be forced to spend 24 hrs in a room with parents who’ve lost childr…

  5. #PugBongos are this year's version of #BriefcaseTacos. Absurd in fantasy. Frightening in reality. #Badvertising2018

  6. Just updated my profile pic: https://t.co/bRyWrs1PPm

  7. RT @Angels: The 3,000 Hit Club just got bigger! Albert Pujols, you’re its newest member! #Pujols3000 https://t.co/hatWVJblga

  8. RT @JohnDingell: Never thought I’d ever want Rudy Giuliani to keep talking.

  9. RT @aggiefanclark: Good luck today @Shaquemgriffin from one of you biggest fans - Julianna!! @nflnetwork @richeisen #againstallodds #NFLDra…

  10. @PaulPabst Maple Leafs. Bruins. Game 7. The snug is strong here. 3rd Period. NBCSN.

  11. @barbanddoug1 You can't beat a bunch of reporters willing to get scoops.

  12. @mookiealexander #LOLCaps

  13. I've just compiled my first album. Wicked Cool Records will be so jealous. https://t.co/6D1qp6rIWs

  14. @SalSports @bigangelbill12 At home: Panthers and Redskins On the road: Lions and Browns

  15. RT @lpolgreen: UNMASKED: Here’s the real identity of “Ricky Vaughn,” one of Trump’s most powerful alt-right internet trolls. Stellar report…

  16. @MylesASimmons @TomBoulet11 Not only Ed Sheeran, but Taylor Swift and Beyonce and Jay-Z are affecting the NFL schedule too. #SchedulingNerd

  17. @nflskedrumors Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders. Possibly Redskins and Falcons. Vikings are in.

  18. @JoeNFL @AndrewSiciliano I'm ahead of all of you. I follow these NFL Schedule quirks intensely.

  19. RT @chrislhayes: The stunts feel increasingly lame don't they?

  20. RT @MinnesotaDFL: It’s simple: Tim Pawlenty is not the kind of leader Minnesota needs right now. Our state is heading in the right direct…

  21. @FOXSports @CBBonFOX Anyone who doesn't pick Virginia is an absolute fool.

  22. @StPaulSaints You didn't like the selection shows either, eh?

  23. MIDWEST 1-KU(Wichita), 2-Cincy(Detroit), 3-Purdue(Nashville), 4-Kentucky(Boise) WEST 1-Xavier(Detroit), 2-Duke(Char… https://t.co/jOFTPdQ4JX

  24. @PaulPabst Irish. Hokies. No snugness til Brooklyn. At the Death. The Deuce.

  25. That also means that for the 80th straight NCAA tournament, we will have a first-time entrant. https://t.co/OBsv23hslb

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