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  1. I agree I have been at this all day... LOL Tom
  2. I stand corrected I don't know why earlier today I had such problems.. I tried again and it worked fine, I must have done something wrong the first 100 times I tried I just did it in 2 minutes and it did work fine. Must have been one of those moment where you just have to walk away and come back later. Sorry..... I got CS3 and if you do it exactly how he explains it, it works fine.
  3. Okay here is my first Helmet. I did have a problem with the mask in Photoshop CS3. I had to select the mask layer and go to image>adjustments>invert. Select all and Copy (Shortcut Control C) While still on the Mask layer I then hit the add layer mask. Then went to channels and pasted it in the mask layer as Davidson said... Thanks just how I did may be an easier way.. BTW this is awesome Davidson thank you so much... Tom
  4. I have the Titans 50th Anniversary Logo where do I send it.
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