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  1. They’re actually not. They’re using the pandemic as an opportunity to focus and get the identity finished and the uniforms approved. You guys and your baseless theories...
  2. I see a lot of anger directed at these numbers for being huge, oversized, etc., but the front numbers are 2.5 times the size of the shoulder numbers. Shoulder numbers are 4 inches tall. The math says that’s 10 inches. Standard size. For confirmation, check the throwback at the end of the line; numbers are the same height, and we know those aren’t oversized. I think some people are getting fooled by a combination of the #20 model being smaller in stature and the design of the numbers emphasizing their verticality.
  3. I don’t know if every project is like this, but from what I understand, the league designs the helmets and sends them down the assembly line as if they’re a logo or wordmark.
  4. What makes even less sense is passively leaking your color scheme via a public website when the goal is to keep it under wraps. If you don’t think teams are taking note of how these things are leaking (and don’t think they are actively trying to combat them), you should think again.
  5. I think the exact opposite. This snapshot looks like six teams who sat and listened to EA’s developers talk about how their data shows that the gamers who play NHL love exploring and tinkering with the uniforms and this is our opportunity to do something fun and different on a virtual platform with no real-world brand consequences. Then, at the end of the meeting, people are excited, they start throwing out creative ideas, and there’s Detroit, sitting (arms folded) at the far end of the table and grumbling, “I don’t get it...” Fair enough, but even if this were intended for real use and not just a video game, I would much rather a hypothetical black third for Chicago be fun, unique, soulful, and distinct from their classic look (which we know will never change) as opposed to a simplistic color flip of that jersey, which never looked right.
  6. For a different perspective (I’m guessing I’m between you two in age), when I say “clean” I tend to mean something that has enough empty space for my eyes to rest as opposed to something that has a bunch of high contrast design elements and different graphic styles fighting for attention. Details are important because there is a threshold for minimalism in uniforms, however, details are best when they support the base design rather than overshadow it. Keep the design elements and graphic styles few and focused, then only explore adding details to expand and elevate what you have. Examples: The Jaguars’ old design was not clean. The Jaguars new design is too clean. Adding some details to the new Jaguars’ design might make it just right...
  7. In other news, kerning has apparently passed away due to complications from COVID-19.
  8. People used to think it important to look professional and put together when they were out in public. This trend lasted several centuries.
  9. Well, yes, that’s a very “no-brainer” conclusion (and obviously, that’s the first point I would make to argue against the idea, being a historian of the game and a brand enthusiast and such), but that doesn’t mean the question can’t or shouldn’t be asked. Anything is a no-brainer if we never think about it. It’s interesting to me that their uniforms are 40-45% blue, yet they can’t wear that color because their main rival wears it. Quirks like that fascinate me, and while I *know* why they don’t wear blue jerseys, that’s also why I want to know more. I love discussing those grey areas, and I value the real opinions and knowledge we bring to this forum because they’re worth much more than assumptions. I’ve gotten pretty good at understanding how people and teams think about design, but I still get surprised sometimes, which is why I communicate here rather than in an echo chamber of designers whenever possible. Long story short, no one appreciates being talked to like they’re an idiot who should know better simply for asking questions and trying to initiate productive discussion.
  10. Close. It’s actually the one without the white trim:
  11. Yeah, but the old one certainly had it’s flaws, too. The focal point is essentially a vast expanse of black emptiness, it’s very static for allegedly being a depiction of a bird in flight, and while we all thoroughly dissected the keyline of the current one over multiple pages, wtf was this keyline?! I know they updated it toward the end of the all-black era, but come on. I think something between the old and new would be best, to be honest.
  12. Nowhere did I say that I think they should wear blue, nor did I say that their color hierarchy should adhere to the “bleu/blanc/rouge” phrase or that the color hierarchy of a 100-year old brand should change for no reason. I asked a couple questions that don’t appear on the surface to support the notion that red is their only option because I want to better understand the situation. If “bleu/blanc/rouge” is a thing because that’s the sequence of the French flag (seems obvious now that I see it), then just say that. If there’s a reason that blue is a huge part of their identity (helmets, pants, numbers, old uniforms that featured way more blue than red) but they can’t wear it as a jersey color, then just say why you think that. There’s no need to be presumptive of someone else’s opinions or defensive of your own when the other party is simply asking questions and trying, in good faith, to educate oneself.
  13. Definitely. Go with this at home and do the road as it is now, but without the white between the green and gold (inverse of helmet/pants) The Browns are a drab franchise. They don’t need (or deserve) anything exciting.