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  1. Assuming Matt Groening is a Seahawks fan (being from Portland), I always wondered if it was just a dig at an old AFC west rival.
  2. Back then, the uniform marketing game was pretty novel and I think that’s what allowed so many brands to secure a piece of the pie, but looking back you can see the big transition taking place. Now, all major sports are on their second era of having a full-league license for on-field/on-court/on-ice uniforms. Having the market established at this point, I think inviting separate outfitters to bid by team would start to create an interesting dynamic where you’d have brands lining up to overpay to outfit the Steelers and Cowboys, for example, but then there may be few suitors for a team like the Jags. The league-wide licensing and revenue-sharing deals kinda eliminate that issue, for better or worse. It also could make it next to impossible for a smaller company to stay in the game; they’d probably be left to compete for the contract business of the larger brands.
  3. All the votes mysteriously came from an account named “CaptObvious69420.”
  4. Well, how about that. Those tight zigzags looked like satin-stitch on the game photos.
  5. Why would you not be a fan of something that looks infinitely better than the alternative (placing the captain letters on the left)? Multi-layer letters are often brought in pre-constructed, so you’re only sewing down the outer layer regardless. I think the red line on Washington’s Reverse Retro numbers and letters is actually embroidered, though, not a stacked layer.
  6. Yes, I’m just saying that blues of that hue and value are often colloquially called “cyan.” Not me, but I don’t disagree on that particular point. The composition needs work, but stylistically, the old one is much more suited to succeed as a logo, in my opinion.
  7. I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned before, but process blue is most commonly referred to as “cyan.”
  8. What do you mean? It’s literally the road jersey with the gold and white flipped. It couldn’t be any more formulaic.
  9. Why can’t a white logo work with black pants? There’s literally a white logo *on* the black pants.
  10. Oh, great. Another snob flexing his design muscles...
  11. To be fair... The white panels are the only thing that visually links the bone jersey and pants to the other uniform pieces, because the socks, shoes, and helmets almost always include parts that are white by default. Doesn’t look great, but all bone with no white might be even worse on the whole. Counter to your point, while custom type *can* be replicated, counterfeiters generally don’t do a good job of it, and the type is by far one of the easiest ways to spot a fake. In support of your point, however, they don’t even get block numbers correct, so maybe it’s more work than is necessary. Fakes can also be spotted by the production and finish in most cases. “Less traditional.”
  12. Well, not technically. If they ever tried to post-rationalize their use of silver because it matches their Lombardis, we would just complain that the silvers on the pants, helmet and trophies don’t match.
  13. Sheesh. If I was trying to play “gotcha” I would have said “you” rather than “we.” Using a widely held opinion to illustrate a point about a similar name is not constructing a straw man; it’s anecdotal evidence to support an opinion. Nothing more.
  14. I used “we” not to imply that you individually hold that opinion, but that most people do, as it is objectively and consistently the most criticized piece of that brand, at least until the gold jersey everyone asked for actually came out.