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  1. well the cowboys need to consolidate into one blue and one silver, instead of 3 of each haha. its ridiculous. their preseason practice jerseys were really sharp, and even used a navy blue instead of the royal blue they use now on the white jerseys. huff!
  2. Dublin eh? my neighbor used to live there. I am from the state champion Avon Lake Shoremen haha. Well, im not so keen on the "ROCKS" script, unless it changed and im behind on everything. i would more prefer an actual shamrock on the helmet, but thats just me, and besides that, no offense, and i might be biased here, but your crosstown buddy Dublin Scioto has a great helmet. For those who dont know, its basically the ohio state helmet with green instead of scarlet. it "rocks" haha ha ha. okay.
  3. the jersey modification arent really a problem, i mean its more an issue of making the game more based on ability and heart and whatnot with the minimal sleeves. to tackle someone you shouldnt be able to grab their sleeves or jersey, you should have to grab them by the torso or arm or shoulder or legs or foot and get that F'er down on the ground and i think the new sleeves are preserving the game of football and its integrity. i mean honestly, do you really want to see a new wave of greg pruitt tear away jerseys if the NFL madates sleeves on jerseys? haha i think the cropped sleeves look cool anyway, but hey.
  4. i think white trim would look funny and blend with the silver too much in this case. ps i think the bills look very sharp, except they gotta simplify and ditch one of the blues, i personally like the darker.
  5. man, you said it, and I HATE IT. there are too many wavy, tapered, swooping stripes and cute, busy logos and such. i dont mind outlines, but busy, in my eyes, is mosdef NOT better.
  6. well, i have always hated that facemask, and nobody really uses it anymore, kinda like the standard one they use on those helmets now. man those are totally 80s. people now use the "reciever or cornerback" variation of the 2 bar, or the use the "runnung back 3 bar, or the whole revolution helmet. all that aside, you did an AWESOME job on it. SWEET work. if you need good reference for the ohio high school part, check Ohio Helmet Project. this guy is good and hes got a LOT done so far. good luck sir.
  7. awesome stuff braden, although im torn on whether the nave or the royal blue should be dominant. i like this though.
  8. honestly, THE BROWNS HAVE NO IDENTITY!? are you yanking my chain? the browns came out in the 40s and instantly changed the leagues they joined. 4 straight AAFC titles, NFL champions their debut year in 1950, and also in 1954, 1955, and 1964. their first 13 years as a franchise, there were 12 playoff appearances. when they joined the NFL in 1950, they played in 7 of the next 8 title games. yep, thats 11 title games in a 12 year span, including those 6 championships. 6 championships in twelve years! in additon, they played in the title game again in 1964, 1966, 1968, and 1970, winning the 1964 crown. theyve had the best sequence of bruising runners the league has known. marion motley, jim brown, greg pruitt, bobby mitchell, leroy kelly, and so on. 15 members of the pro football hall of fame? no identity? i guess it depends on your definition, but thats a better rap sheet than about 90% of the NFL. that an identity i am PROUD of. orange and brown are colors that make me stand up and think cleveland browns, thats where I'M from, and im happy they can represent us in the world of football with such a great historical IDENTITY. nuff said. no offense to philalogos haha. but the browns have one of the best and most unique identities in all of sports.
  9. im not a fan of the state outline in the center, and id prefer the M as well, and the gold OB. i guess i dont really like it then haha.
  10. i think the new green needs to appear somewhere becasue its still on the neck. it makes the neck jump out and dominiate if the green doesnt appear anymore. maybe use a sleeve cuff that matches the neck, so it balances, or someting
  11. not only is that a great idea, but thats great work epper. good realism.
  12. heres my 2 cents. i wouldnt put the tiny city name in there. if you want to put the city in it, put denver at one end and broncos at the other. also, i would love to see those endzones orange with blue writing. and boy, do i hate denver's font.
  13. the jags were actually all set to use that logo when they started up, (i even have a promo jersey with it on there from 1994-1995ish) but they took a little heat from the jaguar car company becasue the jags leaping cat logo resembled the jaguar hood ornament/leaping cat traditional logo. this prompted the jags to abruptly change it before they began. im glad they changed it though, because thats an awesome logo and they have looked great for most of their ten years in the league.
  14. those are some DAMN sharp looking medals gord. haha.
  15. i love that you have the guts to cut apart the bears like that, and i love even more that you make it look great PC. though, i would prefer them changing to a more modern version of their current threads, you made such an awesome presentation that it just enhances your work and makes you believe that the bears shoudl look like that haha. thats amazing!
  16. this is rockin. i made a chiefs concept a long time ago in paint and i want to redo it. but i think the wordmark could be shrunk or even use just the KC unde the collar, or a little arrowhead?
  17. well you may think a "traditional" uniform is boring, but the point is, is its simple, old as dirt, but still pleasing to look at. its timeless in a way. in the future, a team with a new, trendy, modern look like the bucs or seahawks will change, just as they both did a few years ago, because the look was not quite as timeless, though i did and still do like them both. in fifty years, the browns and bears etc. will still look good compared to the standards of the day.
  18. yeah, i think you have to keep the gold helmets, and i actually do like the CU w/ buffalo logo better. the xline might be good on the sleeve though? that pats-like font looks great though. more teams should use that style. its a great twist on a classic block number.
  19. i agree three silvers is about two too many in most cases. i, too, am torn on the bengals look. i like it, but at the same time i KNOW that its too busy. it sure is unique, though, and they looked good on the field in my opinion. i do think the eagles look good, but i think they would look better if they went back to the old kelly green color. the black would stand out and they would look unique still, and i just reallly like kelly green.
  20. as you might know, im big on tradition, and well, i cant condone this one. i see the OK st. similarities. and i think, if anything the only thing texas might have used is a number font change. nothing more. i applaud you for trying though. i always like taking a stab at redoing near perfect uniforms, even though its tough. theres just too much black and too many swooping stripes, etc. good work though.
  21. now THIS is great work. there is a design website of someone on this board though, and im not sure whos it is, and they have the best heat logo ive ever seen, bar none, i wish i remembered. haha
  22. one time i used the original notre dame leprechaun as inspiration and made a modernization of brownie. if you want you can check it out at the hometeam haulover 2 or it has it own post from way back when.
  23. hey, not all alternates are evil. they dont have to use the teams accent color that looks gross as a full jersey color, i.e. chiefs yellow, browns orange, bears orange, etc. just think outside the box. i did a nod to the 1946 browns, a "modern throwback" if you will. just do a little planning and creative thought.