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  1. i took some guff for the brownie elf being too feminine with his limp wrist, so here is the variation. just treat it as one overall logo. if you can picture it with, you can picture it without, and its pretty minor anyway.
  2. i have edited brownie's limp wrist and posted him under new and improved brwnie elf. i took enough flak for the femininity of the original, i hope you guys like the new one a little better.
  3. this is the "1 hour or so remaining bump"
  4. see my previous post. it explains the limp wrists, whether they work or not.
  5. in reply to eddie010, i drew this so he does NOT resemble the leprechaun in very many ways, including demeanor and nationality. this is BROWNIE, the ELF. he was the cleveland browns logo in the 40s and 50s. FTR, he is limp wristed because hes definitely in the style of that original leprechaun and good ol' brownie. i didnt see fit to stray very much from that style. and his name is brownie after all. i dont think hes supposed to be that tough. hey ya know what, ill just show both of them to you. now combine them, and you get what i made.
  6. yes, make las vegas a bigger, more meaningful part of the logo, thats all. very nice.
  7. altered clothing, rounded the head, lost the beard, added elf hair, crown, made a football carrying/stiffarm limb position, angry face expression. color scheme is combination of original logo colors and browns colors. football is the current browns primary. check it out in the 'retro logo contest.'
  8. make it look less like red ocean waves and more like . . . i dunno. if you dont mind, could i borrow it and try and show you what i mean? i think youre really on to something here.
  9. hmm. ill have to play around with that. doesnt .gif only save in 256 colors? i can never seem to get that to match my colors.
  10. i liked the cardinals all white. it only works if you have a white helmet though. and whomever it was that offered the comment about texas's "ballet" uniforms, is just wrong. burnt orange is a staple down there. burnt orange pants would be cool, but they certainly arent necessary. texas looks good in all white. and "ballet"? the fight song is "ive been working on the railroad" fo crying out loud. UT has a BA color scheme.
  11. i like it a lot too, i just dont know which one i like better. its very good work. i have a question, though. what file type and/or web host do you use. how do you get your posts so clean. mine have a tendency to get phantom lines and colors all over them when i post them. see my browns elf on the last page of the retro logo contest.
  12. cleveland did a good good thing bringing back the orange pants. and for the record, cleveland IS orange and brown. all these other teams just invaded us with blue and red and a little gold. a major change to the browns would most likely be a huge travesty.
  13. when the step forwars is just plain BAD, then its usually a good idea to take a few steps back. the orange crush and the bronco D meant so much to that city and was infinitely more recognizeable and better looking than the current bronco with bad color scheme and font. i didnt see the steelers change a whole lot after their steel curtain dynasty in the 70s.
  14. i really hate the navy blue and orange, and the new number font. the orange crush days were the best ever for the denver broncos regardless of not winning their super bowls. i mean, the drive, the fumble, who could forget those three times john elway denied my browns a super bowl bid. btw, coach was dumb to play prevent defense with the best secondary in the league. never shoulda happened.
  15. i like the new ravens number font a lot better
  16. thanks. i was worried the numbers on the white jersey were too raider-like.
  17. i think it has to stay red. maybe a red outline on a nickel helmet? but i dunno, i think the helmet has to either be red or white. how bout nickel instead of white as the outline? something to play around with.
  18. the browns are actually using a brown block B inside a brown football outline with a brown/orange/brown horizontal stripe in the middle as their "primary." i hate the panthers logo altogether. they got trumped by jacksonville from the get go. maybe if it was a whole cat or just a new design, i dunno, i hate it and both the wordmarks, and the colors and the uniforms too, but i do like them as a football team. go figure haha. the bears, jets, and chargers should definitely return those logos, the bears not on the uniform though. i want to do a concept with that chargers logo because it is really good, and they need an update. maybe a little powder blue and some yellow pants? the broncos should update the old D logo with the bronco in it. they could even use the current bronco, add some legs, and slap a good D on there. but of course they would have to change back to the royal blue first.
  19. that IS very close to the playstation font isnt it? haha i couldnt figure it out.
  20. if i may offer my analysis again, i believe the intention was to both streamline and modernize the current logo, hence the replacement of the tapered block stripe with the new attractive one, and also to incorporate the bills third color as well, which is why you see royal blue AND dark blue here. this is GREAT work. taking out the unnecessary stuff made a huge difference.