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  1. *Maybe* there’s a distinction to be made between mascots and nicknames, but I think the general consensus is that they’re intrinsically linked, at least on some level. I mean, the Indians had already dropped their problematic imagery and they were left with a shell of an identity, one that fans found very generic and had little potential for growth and engagement (and of course, as pointed out above, was no more than a bandage move to try and salvage the equity in a problematic brand). It’s the same thing UNLV is going through right now, not wanting to change the name “Rebels” while also finding it too much of a lightning rod to use in any official capacity. They have a lame duck mascot and name because it took them too long to figure out, hey, maybe this is the wrong imagery to be using here.
  2. I probably would have gone with a roasting pig as the silhouette.
  3. Again, Aeroready and Climalite are not specific fabrics. They are tech names that can be applied to any fabric that qualifies based on their moisture and airflow properties. No connection to recycled materials one way or the other. These are the first league-wide hockey jerseys we’ve made using recycled materials for the body fabric, thread, and crest materials, other than the Parley All-Star jerseys.
  4. I mean, the wording makes it sound like they were just looking for an excuse to not be the Spiders, but here it is: “But a key factor was the University of Richmond has the Spiders nickname. That created branding issues. It could be expensive.”
  5. Love these. I hope they keep them around and add a fauxback white helmet with the pants stripe on it.
  6. Debatable, but I think if you go this route, having a native artist design the mark is a must, and that alone makes the Ivall original a better choice, to me.
  7. It still beat Guardians in every poll I saw, which actually surprised me. I was into Guardians before it was even on the radar as a potential name (~5-7 years ago), but I became a Spiders man over the past few; firmly caught in the web. The potential to build a fun, engaging, complete experience of a brand was much stronger with Spiders, in my opinion. I don’t know if I can envision this stuff having much appeal beyond the ballpark. Sigh. Kern the 1 properly. You’re a professional. That’s a pretty hard critique to open up with “it’s the best we could’ve hoped for,” no? In all seriousness, I agree with your last point. I think they should have leaned a little more into Art Deco and left any semblance of native/primitive aesthetic behind. This toes a strange line. I don’t get the hourglass figure of the C, and zooming in on it, nearly every line in the letter form has a slight curve to it. Makes it look a little bit cartoony. The winged baseball doesn’t help that. Overall, I think this had much more potential than what we got.
  8. Well, since it wasn’t created by a “sophisticated agency” and the press images themselves confirm that the feathers are intended to represent the legacy of the previous mark, yes, we can rule it out. Entirely.
  9. Team Classics are just a line of retail throwbacks on the traditional CCM-style cut.
  10. In my opinion, small anatomical details that you have to zoom in to see are precisely the ones you want to simplify, especially in an era where a logo’s use as a social media avatar is so critical to the team’s engagement with fans. I’m not sold on the scalability of the new one after seeing the Twitter avatar, as you lose most of the detail at that size. In the old one, I read the black area under the beak as the lower beak itself (in shadow, obviously, which is why I’m not expecting to see more detail there). Honestly, I think the separation of the midtone and shadow acting as the mouth line is a little stroke of genius, giving dimension and drama to the form without adding a shred of unnecessary detail. I’m realizing the perspective of the old one—from slightly below—was one of my favorite features. You’re always looking up at a hawk, never at eye-level, and the subtlety of that made the previous one look very proud and regal to me. There’s also something really nice about the compact, ovular shape and the smooth, gestural flow from beak to feather. Is it flying overhead? Is it looking at Portland from the top of its perch on Mt. Hood? Could be either, and I really enjoyed that dynamism. I also think the four feathers and the northwest gaze in the old one are a better and clearer homage to the Chicago hand-me-down. I can understand perceiving it as a robo-hawk, too. I don’t perceive it that way, but it wouldn’t bother me, either. I like the idea of “inventing” a unique Winterhawk since it’s not a term that’s tethered to a specific animal. The silver bird worked well enough to make the bird look snowy/icy, and I think it was a good choice knowing the logo had to work on red, white, and black backgrounds. It’s tough to make a primarily white logo look good on a white jersey (and also tough to avoid bald eagle comparisons). Regardless, fans overwhelmingly love the new mark, and that’s ultimately what counts… even if I personally think they left something better on the table and am extremely disappointed they chose to commission a local apparel company who has a reputation for stealing art (including mine) to run the process. This would have been baaad if he didn’t bring in Brian to save him.
  11. Color, composition, number placement…Maybe not perfect, but the lineage is there.
  12. The reality, though, is that every team saw (at minimum) three distinct options, so while only one made it to the ice, every team has already said no to at least two ideas.
  13. They were always the “Guardians of Transportation” when I was growing up, and then about 5-10 years ago, “Guardians of Traffic” started popping up everywhere. Case Western claims this to be the official name, but I’m skeptical for two reasons: One, because half the vehicles depicted on the sculptures make little sense in the context of the word “traffic” (particularly the Conestoga-style wagon, the hay wagon, the stagecoach, and the cement mixer), and two, “traffic” has negative connotations for people, while “transportation” has that air of idealism typically seen in the naming of public art from this era. “Guardians of Transportation” is going to disappear soon enough, though, so I might as well get used to it. Sounds like I was the one whose been wrong this whole time, against all common sense.
  14. I think there’s a fine line between simple and simplistic, and the new crest is very close to it. Overall, I like it and think it’s the most polished identity suite the team has ever had, but I think just one or two little flourishes (maybe a more “true” Florian cross silhouette, maybe retaining the club name or bringing a 97 in somewhere) would have made this sing. Only thing I dislike is the return of that silly spur on the C. It doesn’t fit the blocky, “big city municipal” aesthetic of the new type, in my opinion; it feels like like a very vestigial thing to bring back under the apparent guise of a historical brand element.
  15. Are they not already? I mean, its good that teams wearing the same color is rare (should be never, in my opinion), but the fact that it happens and it’s clearly not an issue for baseball is the point at hand. Sand vs. grey would be functionally passable for an MLB game. End.
  16. But, I never said there was. I said a team wearing sand could play a baseball game against a team wearing grey without issue because the two colors are different and baseball does not require the same level of contrast as a game like football or hockey. The evidence for my claim is that baseball teams play each other wearing the same color on occasion, which is objectively worse in terms of contrast.
  17. Definitely doesn’t look like a catalog uni. The pro-quality digits and embroidered team logo trims are a giveaway. I believe the catalog jerseys all have white collars and sleeve trim as well. The lack of stripes could potentially be a concession due to the short timeline (making this sort of a stock/custom hybrid), but it also could have just been what BC wanted.
  18. What’s the other option, though? Destroy thousands of perfectly good hats? If this is indeed what they did, I’d argue repurposing the entire run of caps is the opposite of lazy; it’s responsible, and likely more effort from a logistical standpoint as well. These statues have been used prominently in Cleveland marketing for less than a decade and they’re already being carelessly misnamed by designers in the home market. I cringe every time someone incorrectly calls them the Guardians of “Traffic,” and I think naming the Team “Guardians” will only serve to complete this unfortunate transition. What exactly is “horrible” about a 120-year old baseball team using plain block lettering?
  19. Can you explain how any of what’s in those two photos could be described as “high-contrast?” I’m just not putting it together. That’s a stretch. There’s a reason articles are often omitted from acronyms, while it would be unfathomable to eliminate “San,” “Saint,” or “St.” from an acronym.
  20. Why do I need an example? They’re two different colors, and it’s objectively easier to tell the difference between sand and grey vs. two teams wearing red or blue.
  21. With all due respect, what type of process are you looking for if not this? It’d be one thing if “patriotic bunting” was the only relevant device amongst the whole collection of work, but it’s really a tiny percentage of the whole.
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