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  1. hmmm... Panthers official store just posted a new look helmet. not a fan, but i know many will like.
  2. i think i remember it was a special request by outgoing coach Dom Capers and equipment mgr Jackie Miles made it happen. We didn't get black pants until 2018, (blue jersey alts in 2002). i hate the black pants. let the Saints and Jags go all black if they want. looks cheap. i like the traditional blk/silver and white on white with the alt blue w silver, not white.
  3. if the Chargers continue on, can they go powder blue tops or have they used up the alt allowance?
  4. I was hoping it meant they’re burning the black pants after this game/season never to wear again. Bring back the silver.
  5. I don’t think Panthers have worn silver pants any this season. I hate the black pants w any jersey combo. All whites today vs TB. A very clean & sharp look (blk on silver still my fav). Not a a fan of the last 3-4 weeks of PJ color rushes. Give me traditional look NFL unis. ... and Cory Michael Smith has crafted a nice Riddler in the Gotham series.
  6. Yeah, they can burn the black pants. Don’t like w white jerseys, don’t like w black jerseys. Only ok w blues. even then the white pant/blue jersey looks much sharper.
  7. agree. we have "Carolina Blue" that can mean "Tar Heel Blue" or "Panther Blue". and going back to the 1st time around w Hornets "teal" how folks would call it aqua.
  8. The Panthers went on a 4 team road trip to the minors in NC/SC this summer as a part of the “2 States, 1 Team” theme they’ve been using the last few years. Looks like a great cross promotion.
  9. ^^ This! on TV it didn't stand out as a great combination, but fun for preseason. glad to see the P4 @ Pit game returns to the all whites w Steelers in black and gold (call me a traditionalist).
  10. 1st time the Panthers have gone white pants w blue jerseys. Normally it’s silver pants w the blue jersey. They have worn black, and blue pants (color rush) w the 3rd previously.
  11. cool! yes, there are whatthefont and whatfontis web pages if you have a good image (or can isolate characters in photoshop and make high contrast). another great tool is 'Find My Font', a desktop app that will query local and online type to find a match. after many years and a good memory you'll start to know many off the top of your head