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  1. don't forget pre-banking industry, we actually were the 1st US currency mint branch here in Charlotte. Charlotte Mint Opens,minting US gold dollar coins.
  2. Not a fan of the new branding. Maybe it will grow on me after it’s more used. I am a Charlotte native and yes we prefer CLT to CHA. The new wordmark logos look wavy and not aligned to each letter slant. The reverse pickaxe in the lettering and number is a good concept that would work better with a different letter form.
  3. I think it’s more to do with the social media team just had a large turnover and they are replacing the look of their posts. We had the logo change in 2012, and uniform refresh last year (Nike template), so I wouldn’t read too much into the web site or media posts reflecting major uniform changes.
  4. our Orioles farm team went Charlotte O's for many years. i wasn't a fan of. give me the classic swinging bird (or crowned!) logo everyday.
  5. how would that new logo work on other side of helmet (mirrored)?
  6. i see that both UT and TB are using PMS 151 orange.
  7. yea, i tuned in and thought "wow, great colors tonight" color v color doesn't have to be a bad thing. the light parquet floor made for good TV color too.
  8. disagree. i hate the black pants. i do like the larger pant leg stripe now so on TV it breaks up the all black. this years "silver" pants are more dull gray and don't match up nice with the bright silver helmets. keep the white pants since they mate with all jerseys (not a fan of blk jersey/white pant, looks like copying Saints look), and hopefully next year have a brighter silver pants to go with black or blue jersey. would have to see other white on silver combos (Raiders have a few times i think), maybe again the larger blue leg stripe helps. i still prefer the classic sets of: black on silver, white on white, blue on silver. that's our identity. all blue and all black color rush, just minor league imo.
  9. nope, it's Lincoln Financial Field (PHI Eagles). altho in fairness to OP, Panthers field and end zone paint was a mess since we just hosted ACC Championship game and you could easily see "Clemson" in the "Panthers" lettering in the one end zone.
  10. LAC royal blues seem odd w matching pants (and socks). Is this their normal color rush? Not what I think of when I think Chargers.
  11. a few thoughts on the new team names: prob going to be "Charlotte" instead of "Carolina". i still think Raleigh/Durham will get pro soccer sooner than later. Carolina works for NFL since it's a larger fanbase footprint, and Charlotte sits on the NC/SC border. We do get tons of fans coming in from SC. as much as i hate "FC" for football club, Charlotte SC wouldn't be favored by city leaders who already have an identity issue of Charlotte not being better recognized. adding SC may confuse people into thinking we're in South Carolina, not North Carolina. i also think "United" may get shot down since Atlanta uses it, and we're trying to outgrow the shadow of big brother to the south. the old independence/kings area has been known as Charlottetown, but doubtful we go back to that.
  12. circa 2015
  13. Tonight’s GB @ SF game looks like an NFL game. Good color combos, classic styles.