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  1. that's nice, but who are the 'Chefs'?
  2. we haven't worn silver pants for 3 seasons now. they're still our best look w the silver helmets. do not want black helmet or black pants. and yes, the blue on TV looks different under the lights and soaked from the rain.
  3. sigh* black pants.
  4. really hope the Panthers go silver pants with blue alt jersey instead of blue pants. white britches would be ok too. burn the black pants altogether, i hate em.
  5. looking at Panthers 2019 and 2018, looks same except for (maybe?) the outer border of the patch. 2019 2018 2018 on black
  6. Texans at Saints match-up looks bad. lots of dark, not much color. Not a fan of the Saints all black pant w no stripe... and black socks, ugh.
  7. i'm not a sneakerhead so these may be old news, but ran across this today: (9 teams, no Panthers tho)
  8. i'm thinking this is the reason
  9. i do like the hardwood classic Hornets court. good reproduction of the last year(s) of the original franchise court.
  10. MJ feels this way about the entire organization and it shows.
  11. Panthers social media team teased we'll have to wait week to week for pants color.
  12. followup on the Panthers uni updates from the team:
  13. i noticed the pant stripe widths too. and the point doesn't stop before end of pant leg at the knee like previous. old pants: new pants: more from CHI game photos
  14. also the sleeve logo is sewn, not printed. the black (outer) outline is new too. the branding guide prohibited it, but i like it. the 25 seasons logo looks much better as a patch than the in stadium branding (cups etc). i like this a lot! Edit: preseason pants are currently missing logo at the hip. Have seen this during other pre-season games so will watch to see if they return by regular season.