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  1. seeing the clawing panther reminds me to let CC know the logo hosted here has been incorrect for a long time. this is the original clawing Panthers logo here is my recolor of the body accents and the swishes
  2. bring back the Panthers metallic silver pants, not these hideous matte grays.
  3. nice art, great concepts, awesome italic wordmark... but as a local resident the name choices were terrible. the paper has a video here:
  4. the DAL Mavs retro/"classic" green unis and throwback logos throughout the arena look nice tonight vs Hornets.
  5. nice view of the field more photos here:
  6. Panthers at Chargers looked nice on TV today. i've not been a fan of Panthers in black pants but with the blue jersey and white socks it was a good combo at SoFi.
  7. musings from the LV @ CAR game: Raiders helmet would look so much better w black facemasks. Panthers pants stripe is now more tapered at knee like originals vs last years that didn't come to a point before end of pant leg. Panthers new end zone logo is much smaller compared to last years.
  8. New look end zone paint for Panthers this week.
  9. yes, made no sense to me and long time fans of the team, and has not endeared the new coach. some speculated it was a nod to his previous Baylor comfort zone... who knows
  10. this was a bit of fan stir last week. Panthers QBs always have worn red practice jerseys. this season new coach Rhule prefers to have ineligible (injured) players of any position wear red. QBs will sport green jerseys to stand out from the black, white, and blues during practice. many Cam fans were upset that some of the red injured jerseys being worn one on day had (Cam's) #1 on them, and thought it was a organizational "dig" at Cam.
  11. last year's return of "silver" pants were a terrible dull gray. i still prefer the original thigh stripes too. the original tapered down to a point, the 2019 version bleed off below the knee cuffs. sparkly silver to match the helmets, why change what worked? Panthers black over silver combo looks so sharp on TV.
  12. don't forget pre-banking industry, we actually were the 1st US currency mint branch here in Charlotte. Charlotte Mint Opens,minting US gold dollar coins.
  13. Not a fan of the new branding. Maybe it will grow on me after it’s more used. I am a Charlotte native and yes we prefer CLT to CHA. The new wordmark logos look wavy and not aligned to each letter slant. The reverse pickaxe in the lettering and number is a good concept that would work better with a different letter form.
  14. I think it’s more to do with the social media team just had a large turnover and they are replacing the look of their posts. We had the logo change in 2012, and uniform refresh last year (Nike template), so I wouldn’t read too much into the web site or media posts reflecting major uniform changes.