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    killing nintendogs,<br />and buckeyes,<br />and avalanches,<br />and stars,<br />and ducks, <br />and redwings,<br />and rangers,<br />and penguins,<br />and flyers,<br />and islanders,<br />and iggles,<br />and most improtantly any F***ing thing from that hellhole people call BOSTON, except the creme pie that stuff is good

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  1. I had one of the pizzas the other day and to my surprise the word "Pizza" preceded "Hut".
  2. Soda with Breakfast Yahoo Moutain Dew!
  3. Hey anybody got a xmas tree 29 brodeur jersey
  4. because he's tricky speaking of that movie, when has Iceland ever been a hockey power? I thought it was because he's fancy. BTW,who stops during a penalty shot
  5. stevio321

    XFL Uniforms

    yay finally i find something to download on NCAA 10 besides my stuff
  6. Those Numbers are very distracting
  7. I have tried a new approach to the alternate/throwback this one being close to the original I'm not going to give up on the Captain Komet design
  8. Hopefully this is better I still need to work on the Komets logo but I think it looks at least a little better now
  9. well if your a minor league hockey team playing in a city that relies on a failing Detroit for its economy you have to find some unconventional ad space I also thought it was better with the Turner Cup Patch than the Fort Wayne Orthopedic Patch. Oh this isn't even the worst. The first game I went to they were warming up in blue Napa Auto Parts Jersey nowhere on the Jersies did it have a logo or even say Komets. Fortunately they changed into their white home uniforms to start the game Oh btw its really hard making quality concepts with paint. Not meaning to complain.