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  1. My are kinda squeaky, my bottom is so moist, yay!
  2. Seems like they've got to change their names. How can you have team called the Islanders that doesn't play on Long Island? Then again, we have teams like the Utah Jazz so anything is possible.
  3. I'm guessing Jets go white on green in Patriot Place later. They broke them out for that playoff game a couple years back for the first time all season and won (I dropped $330 for two tickets to that one, F$&@ my life). They seem to have this wear green pants thing at Gillette go all white at the Dreadowlands kick when the Pats come to town lately. I hope the Patriots drop so many points on them that the End Zone Militia runs out of ammo by halftime.
  4. Yey. The orange actually goes very well with the grey. The white on the script and hat also mix well. This is a definite win. Holy crap that is actually very nice! I'd go with that, then again since when has Loria made any sense in uniforms? Just seeing this thread after spambot showed up in here... I'd be find with black accessories at home, orange on the road. Black and white pop with contrast, black and gray looks drab. Orange and gray would be nice. And not a combo I can recall seeing.
  5. Good eye. Seeing as the Y bleeds into the E as well though, it must be the New York/New Jersey/Yukon Jets. Or Yellowstone, or Yemen...
  6. I dig the t-shirt, but the hats is painful to look at. Now the kids in Nicaragua will have something else to wear besides those 19-0 Patriots shirts. Dammit, I wanted a 19-0 shirt.
  7. I think they only wore them 2-3 times all season. All at home on days honoring past players from those days. I was amazed at the restraint. Not such a big fan of Santana picking the snow whites everytime though. I thought it was supposed to be a day/night thing.
  8. The more teams that get away from the non-painted paint look, the happier I'll be. That's 2 this year.
  9. ^I wouldn't have had a problem with it if it was the away jersey instead of white. But as a home alt it sucked, it obviously didn't work since the road team had to wear their colored jersey anyway.
  10. I have a hunch Baltimore will go all black on SNF against the Pats.
  11. I like to take it on a team by team basis. The Giants have my favorite look in the league, and I hate them. I root for the Pats and think they look like crap.