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  1. Enos Slaughter as an Athletic: The Duke of Flatbush (Duke Snider) as a Met: Early Wynn as a Senator:
  2. I've actually seen this before. I believe on Play Station NBA Live 2002, this is the pic for Moses Malone as an unlockable legend. It's just the headshopt, but I know that's it.
  3. Or Juan Marichal as a Dodger. Or Eddie Mathews as a Tiger. Or Hank Greenberg as a Pirate.
  4. Does anyone have the history style guide baseball template that is paint friendly? I know a vector version is in the Templates thread, but I cant use it. Any paint friendly one would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. So thats where Gomez went.....I was wondering where he went. He was perhaps the only NJ Devil I ever liked..... As for Giambi, In the words of Frank from "Everybody Loves Raymond".......HOLY CRAP!! Once upon a time ago, Giambi was mobile enough to play third (I play third somtimes when im not in the outfield - you need more mobility than people think at third) and he was skinny. I honestly couldnt even tell that was Giambi when I looked at that card.
  6. Check this one out: Eddie Mathews as an Astro, and thats as a player, not when he was a manager. (Pic taken in 1967) Oh and its funny how some people question how Mathews is a "legend".....I say 512 homers and 2,315 hits says legend enough.
  7. Karl Malone as a Laker. Not only our Mailman left, but he went to one of our hated, hated, hated, hated, hated, hated (you get it) rivals. Ugggh. Watching that happen was like having a dagger thrust into my back, then my head getting blown off with a rocket launcher.
  8. Does anyone have a Baseball Uniform history guides template I can use on paint? All the others I've found are on vector or something. This is much appreciated. Thanks!
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