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  1. Love them. The wood ring texture on the numbers is a subtle touch, and the natural color of the away unis is different. Clean.
  2. Thanks a ton everyone. I do agree with the inconsistent stroke widths, I will focus on that in the next round. As for the black, I'm not a huge fan of it either, it was kind of a last second addition. Here is a version with just blue and silver:
  3. Hello again, Ive been toying around with this logo in my spare time, and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  4. No, in the US it is more of like saying someone is a knucklehead, or something like that. I didnt know what it refered to in the UK till now. Can any other U.S. members back me up on this? I really hope im not just being naive here.
  5. Here is a version withe the bowling pin instead of the bag.
  6. Thanks, yeah I thought about swapping out the bag of money for a bowling pin maybe?
  7. Thanks. Apparently they got it from Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.
  8. So, my friend asked if I could come up with a logo/illustration for his bowling team. Their team name is The Turd Burglars. Let me know what you think.
  9. Vicious

    Lion Concept

    Thanks a lot guys. Here is the latest update. I toned down the purple to be less in your face. Added a wordmark. removed the white chin.
  10. Vicious

    Lion Concept

    Alright folks. Here is the latest update. I duplicated the right side over to the left, but I still kept is asymmetrical. I darkened the yellow a bit, and I re-worked the ears. I also straightened out the fur on the top of his head to stand up more crown-like. Let me know your thoughts.
  11. Vicious

    Lion Concept

    Thanks for the insight guys. I think I'm going to copy the right side of the mane and duplicate it on the left, and maybe remove the ears altogether, as they are far too prominent. Update to follow soon.
  12. Looks very similar to a bear concept I did a while back. We most likely used the same reference image. I think your lower jaw needs work to show that it's part of the snout. Right now the nose and upper jaw is on a plane closer to the viewer, but the lower jaw appears to be on the same plane as the head. Here was my version for reference.
  13. Vicious

    Lion Concept

    Alright, it is starting to get there. Still not in love with the mane, but I think it's the best one so far.
  14. Vicious

    Lion Concept

    Hey guys, thanks a lot for all the suggestions. Here is a peek at my art board. As you can see, I have really modified the face, and I like the direction that is going, but I cannot for the life of me get the mane to interact well with it. (note that the yellow shapes are just there as guides) I definitely dont want it to just be a ring around the face like I have been making it. Any tips would be great. Thanks.
  15. Vicious

    Lion Concept

    Here is the latest. I think it is getting closer. I feel that almost all of the strokes could be more dynamic. It seems rather bland and fixed-width right now. Going to go back into it and re-trace and re-imagine every line.