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  1. I know that I’m one of the few, but I really wish the Browns wore brown at home. I get the orange number thing, but instead then designate the Color Rush top as the primary and pair it with white pants with normal brown/orange stripes. Miami did minor tweaks this year... it wasn’t the 5 year full remake was it? If Miami can tweak, then Cleveland should be allowed to do so as well.
  2. This may have been already posted in this 301 page thread, so if it has, I apologize in advance. Here's Walt Frazier as a Cleveland Cavalier at the end of his career.
  3. Love the brown jerseys. Don't understand all the hate for them. Very good looking.
  4. Wish the NCAA would ban alternate color turfs. Just looks bad all around. Hate the Smurf Turf of Boise St. Hate the red turf of Eastern Washington. Feel like I'm going to a 1990's color palate looking at Coastal Carolina's turf. The alternative turf look has run its course.
  5. Jags haven't had attendance issues the last few years... because they have tarped off tons of seats in their upper decks. Fill those seats on a regular basis, and then you can say that the Jags don't have attendance issues. As for the Browns, I'm a lifetime fan. I'm scared to death about how Nike is going to destroy a classic uniform. Almost anything Nike touches when they redesign uniforms turn out to be a disaster.
  6. I sincerely doubt it. They tried it already and even with a white outline it turned out to be unreadable. Actually went to that Browns/Steelers preseason game in 1984 when the Browns wore the orange numeral jerseys. I can attest that those jerseys numbers were a nightmare to read from the stands.
  7. Didn't they just update/tweak the logo a few years ago?
  8. Come on people, just say NO to the Browns' poopy pants!!!
  9. I don't know how often this occurred, but I can remember growing up watching the Cowboys play in Old Texas Stadium their first year in the playoffs, and for the playoffs, the Cowboys changed one of the end zones to the visitor's team name and graphics. I think they played the 49ers one game and the Vikings a second game. Also, being a Browns' fan, I remember when the Browns were hosting the 1986 AFC Championship (i.e. the dreaded "Drive" game), they switched "Browns" in one of the endzones to "Broncos".
  10. Any renderings out there of how the field art will look on SB Sunday?
  11. Look at you: member of the honor roll, assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater. I'm tellin' ya, Rat, if this girl can't smell your qualifications, then who needs her, right? ^ What movie is that from? The 80's classic, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Phoebe Cates is worth the price of rental herself!
  12. Like the road grays a lot. Nice to see some blue back into the uniform As for the powder blues, they're OK, but I just don't like the pullover tops. If it was button down instead of pullover, I would like it much more. If they could wear pants w/belts, they could have designed the shirts as button down.
  13. In addition to the legal arguments, the other major reason that Cleveland got the franchise back so quickly was the passionate protests of the fans in Cleveland. The protests were so fierce towards Tagliabue and company that it helped make Cleveland's case to be awarded a new franchise quickly. Everyone has protestors when a franchise moves, but the passion shown by Browns fans had never been seen before, and may never be seen again. As for the logo discussion, I would go with the traditional Brownie over the bulldog or the =B=. This "It's an elf" argument is very weak. If Notre Dame can have a leprechaun and St. Louis can have a Billikin, then there's nothing wrong with a Brownie. I'd like to see it on the helmet, as this to me would be the only acceptable logo if there ever was one on put on the helmet. I'm OK with the traditional plain helmet, but if you're going to put a logo on the helmet, do the Brownie. If not on the helmet, I would put it as a logo on the white pants, in a similar location to where the Cowboys used to put the player's number on the pants in the 80's.
  14. I hate white helmets. So boring and bland. The problems with the new uniforms are not the bolts or the font, it's the helmet. If you ask me, they should get rid of all white helmets.
  15. Same here!! Those Yankees road sleeve bands REALLY need to go, and I agree that they also need to follow the Dodgers lead and just go with navy letters, no white. To me, the white outline and armbands on the Yankees roads are the equivalent of what Steinbrenner did to Yankee Stadium in 1976 - taking something classic and bastardizing it in the name of making it modern. Hasn't that been the design for the Yankee road unies for 30-some years? Not exactly a modern interpretation. I've always liked the road unies, outlines and all. To me if you just had New York on the front without outlines and arm bands, it would be too plain. Same with the old Red Sox road unies with plain block BOSTON on the fronts. And I get the same feeling with the new Dodgers' road unies. Plain and drab, nothing special, and probably an overall downgrade from last year's uni.