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  1. For all that missed it the first time around... Primary Secondary As a side note. I delete all images posted on my Photobucket after 2 months. So if you want it save it.
  2. I don't have a single team in my database (over 6,000 pro franchises, and over 4,000 colleges) that list any of their colors as "Athletic Gold". Not one. The only team that comes close is the A's. Their gold is listed as "Oakland Athletics Gold"
  3. Just out of curiosity.. How many think that they should travel the same route as the Padres?
  4. Oh please don't. It will get mudded faster than this "fresh start"
  5. Does anybody know what font this is?
  6. Dallas was never changing their logos. The logo you see above will be on the road white jerseys, while the arched "DALLAS" will be on the black home jerseys. That may not be happening is what I was getting at in my tired state. Flame is 100% correct with his statement.
  7. There is. I remember you getting pretty defensive when I corrected you about the Penguins and Flames changes. So do you owe me an apology?
  8. Hopefully the Leafs go with something like the top left template for their away jersey. I know the Sharks are.
  9. The company who did the logo was Calypso Studio. They are based in Los Angeles. Please send your complaints Attn: Anthony Phills - Creative Director
  10. No, that's a McFarlane figure.
  11. A little too detailed for a logo but, I kind of like it.
  12. Are you positive? Because what I was told came directly from RBK very recently and I was told different. PM me if you want to know exactly what I know about it because I am very confused now as to which is true. At the moment though, I am going to continue to go with my source until proven otherwise, just because I received this info recently, same with the Flames tid bit. Like I said, my file is from April - it's certainly possible that something had been tweaked since then. We won't know until the eventual unveiling I'm guessing. True enough. Considering we never heard about either of the two teams doing anything to their logos up until I did about two weeks ago shows something has changed since the end of the season. I have no reason to doubt my source at this point in time, but like you said, we will know for sure what is going on when they unvail their new duds. The last I heard, the only logo change that these two (Calgary and Pittsburgh) had in common was the absence of their alternates. I agree that things do change last minute (ie. the new Dallas script) but, it is doubtful that they are getting a new or modified primary logos.
  13. Davidson... Everything about this is absolutely flawless! Just added the site to my extremely small "favorties" list. How often do you plan on doing these? I just can't stop laughing. Thank you
  14. Oh yeah forgot to mention that... The helmet was the same as it is now.
  15. If anybody is interested. Here is what the uniforms were going to look like. These also confirm that the redesign was planned for 2002. HOME ROAD