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  1. Anthropomorphic or Zoomorphic would be correct, I believe...I personally love the Bills one...
  2. Looks like a Red Rose - ie. the symbol of Lancashire, the ceremonial county Manchester is in. I don't know how regularly clubs wore crests that far back - it may have been a Cup Final tradition (MAn City have always worn the City of Manchester's coat of Arms on Cup final shirts, and United did at the 1968 European Cup final).
  3. The new FFF badge is on the existing kit - - do you think their may be a mvoe to 1 year only kits, as with many european teams recently (as opposed to 2 previously)? I like the shirt, though the blue is very 'french sporting teamy'...the national rugby shirt went very dark for the world cup last year, and now this has gone light...
  4. I like the Jefferson Arch over the 'bat and birds' logo, and the 'all star game' script in Cardinals font is great, but the '2009' & 'st. louis' font is rubbish and i'm bother by the home plate representation, it seems to come out at the wrong angle above the bat...
  5. Apologies for our amateurness...its a really minor league here and only gets proper coverage in 'first down' the only british published american football magazine. Even then the Universities league gets more coverage....we do care about American Football here, but not many of us - its growing slowly, and at the minute the fact there is a league is more important than the quality of the logos/names will get better eventually. Nice to see the cornish flag making the front of the cornish shirt.
  6. i can see a "b/p" but where is the "t" ? I'm still trying to find out where the p is...the Blazers' logo looks like a "b" and a "q" melted together. the 't' is uncrossed (so it therefore does look a little like an 'l' really...the 'p' is the righthand shape - lacking the curve back to a vertical line down. I know they are both a bit/very vague but the uniquness ofht e logo makes it instatnly recognisable...
  7. Thank you guest 23. Your thoguhts are considered and insightful - however is there any chance that a wealthy individual could pay for any entirely privately financed stadium if push came to shove? Also, as an architecture stydent, I came across an amusing design concept for a new NFL stadium in LA. A giant floating arena (much like a an air craft carrier), that would dock at Long Beach. When the time came that the francise would relocate, the owner sails off into the sunset (literally) to a new coastal location!! The idea was tongue in cheek to some extent, but would save land price issues...the Dutch reclaim land (and are now building floating houses on risers that mean the people won't suffering from the increased likelihood of flooding in the very low lying Netherlands) all the time, ian;t this a possibility? Sorry if I've ended up going way off course...LA Aztecs (resurrect the NASL theme + lots of design possibilities) is my call...
  8. the blazers logo is fantastic - not only does it have the 5 on 5 element, it creates a 't' and a 'b' (or a t and a p depending on who you're talking to)...I like it, its graphically original.
  9. As a long suffering newcastle fan, i have to say i don't think that they're gonna inspire success on the field - blue would actually have made sense (it is often our away colour) but at least there isn't a horrible felt northern rock logo like on the homes... on the new united aways: living in manchester AIG have always adapted their logo in advetising here to red and white, using united's players and football themes i wouldn't think that would be the reason for blue highlights, and a white away is fairly common for them...
  10. Love it - but I'm not sure how well it will convert to an on jersey primary logo...maybe the "brooklyn" and "aces" banners will be removed?
  11. its the font all puma shirts have been subjected to, since the african cup of nations...ruined some fairly decent shirts (including italy's current set) though puma seems to have used one template for all teams at euro 2008...
  12. Really? Why did they bother changing it? Surely a stronger (read identical) connection with the dallas logo would help the popularity of the team, and not look horrible...whats with the narrow black border around the edge of the star and lettering?
  13. Whether he was telling the truth or not is fairly immaterial to the point i believe he was trying to make - that uniform doesn't actually have an effect on performance - the celts may have changed the look for a "change of luck" but clearly it won't actually make a difference - and as a result rivers is putting the blame for the defeats they've had recently on the shoulders of the players and himself rather than blaming an inanimate object, and fair play to him... ps i hope he actually recognised the difference, as they are so similar, but unfortunately, most people just don't care as much about sports design as we well!
  14. massive logo creep on shoulders, even worse than the late additions to this seasons shoulders... These are horrible, and I didn't think you could out do the scouts neckerchief on the previous that a stripe going up the back?