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  1. CIM

    2018 MLS Kits Info into the white/red logo on the LAFC home jersey.
  2. A lot of these are interesting. But one thing is standing out on many that I am not liking. White monochrome secondary uniforms. I can understand all-white for a primary jersey ala Real Madrid or the LA Galaxy. But as a secondary uniform, it just screams laziness and off-putting to me. And this happens way too much in current day MLS. It is just something that I probably won't ever accept. As for the Orlando designs, I think the whole thing would look 100% better if you swapped the socks from the primary and secondary uniforms.
  3. Columbus is a bit jarring, especially when you consider their historical look. But I am fine with it and happy for these two reasons: It isn't monochrome and especially isn't monochrome white. Its a secondary jersey, experiment a bit.
  4. Taken from the thread on BigSoccer
  5. I like the idea but not the execution. Being a fan of soccer makes seeing color vs color not that big of a deal. But monochrome vs monochrome doesn't always work. I wouldn't mind seeing one of the teams wear white pants. But not both. Pet peeve of mine in soccer and football are when both teams have the same (or very similar) color of shorts / pants. Home team should wear what they want and the visiting team must clash.
  6. There is a periscope from the event:
  7. I love the unique look of NYCFC in MLS with the white shorts and white socks. Anything that gets away from monochrome uniforms or horribly boring option of white shorts and jersey/socks of the same color. I wish more teams would take up the option of a jersey being one color and the shorts/socks being the same color but different from the jersey.
  8. The only thing I don't like about the state outline logo is that the ball seems too far south on the map. More like it is centered in Racine instead of Milwaukee.
  9. Love color on color games. It would also help a decent amount if teams are not in similar colored pants too.
  10. Looked like a nice change of pace to me. Plus to me, the red/red/red looks no different than when teams go all blue, all black, or all white.
  11. CIM

    USMNT Kits

    Looks good! I love it when the shirt is one color and then the shorts/socks are a different color (ala Everton). And also enjoy the Chelsea type look for teams when the shirt and shorts are one color while the socks are a different color. But hey, I'm a bit weird.
  12. All for it. And doesn't have to be for every game. Imagine Chiefs/Steelers among the others. I don't mind the jerseys either way being color or white. To me I am more pissed when both teams are wearing the same/similar colored pants.
  13. I would love to see teams have the ability if they would like to put the team logo inside the center circle. Enjoy seeing it in the college game. Just no advertising!