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  1. Just what I have hear from some people in the merchandise industry. As far as I know it isn't set in stone, but it seems like it is heading that way. Things can always change, though.
  2. I'm just a random dude, but from what I have heard, it may be New Era taking over everything from A-Z for the CFL.
  3. Just spent the last 2+ hours going through this entire thread and the work is ambsolutely remarkable. There's one logo I have been looking for since the mid 90's and its the logo of Lukko Rauma in the Finnish Elite League. I have searched everywhere online and even tried (very unsuccessfully) to re-draw it myself. These are the best images I can find of it:
  4. Ice Jerseys actually has the Sweden, Finland, Russia, USA, and Canada available, but word has it that's all that will be available from Nike in North America - no Slovak, Czech, Latvia, Slovenia, Austria
  5. I think it ends today (Friday) at noon. Gotta say it is bloody tempting. I'm with _RH_ that Ducks jerseys is quacking to me....just have to decide Conway or Reed
  6. That seriously is a great deal. And from everything I have seen, the quality of their work is second to none. I think I am going to be all over this! Thanks charger!
  7. wouldn't they have not been able to call them Hurricanes because the CHL does not allow two teams with the same name. I remember hearing about that when Montreal had the Rocket and were told Kelowna owned the 'Rockets' name for the CHL and Montreal decided on Rocket afterall since the team was to honor Maurice Richard and there was only one 'Rocket'. Another case is Victoriaville and Medicine Hat, one being the Tigres and the other Tigers, that's apparently alright.
  8. This is one of my pet peeves, Reebok/CCM not being able to match team gloves to jerseys. It looks ridiculous. Especially in the Q with Victoriaville and cape Breton having really bright yellow striping on their gloves that doesn't match their jersey yellow at all.
  9. Blainville Boisbriand Armada Pink in the Rink jerseys Credit to Vincent Ethier Photography
  10. There are actually 4 ice rinks and 2 synthetic rinks in the rec center. But the main rink has 3,200 seats, and it's very nice. Centre d'excellence sports Rousseau I've played in that rink, its really nice. As for the name and uniforms, there is a presser next week (monday or tuesday) to officially introduce Joel Bouchard and his group (rumoured to include JS Giguere, Danny Briere, Ian Laperierre, among others.) I think there's a good possibility they go with red, white and blue, as the group they are with, Sportech has those colors and there's also as previously mentioned, the affiliation with Rousseau Sports (Pro Hockey Life)
  11. There's one up on ebay right now, a Pavel Bure one....
  12. Rimouski Oceanic 99-00 had Navy Blue jerseys with navy blue numbers and a white outline We went with this concept for my garage league hockey team on our white jerseys with white numbers and a red outline. Looks sharp.
  13. I have a graphic of the Voltigeurs' old shoulder logo somewhere, as I had designed a mask for one of their goalies a few years back....If only I could find it....If I find it, I will post it. This is the logo in question, the crossed muskets and cap.
  14. Red Bulls Salzburg.....loving the helmet!!!