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  1. I think they are both nice and a welcome change. This 4th jersey program is going to be awesome, I can't wait to see the rest!
  2. Flames announcement at 9am MST tomorrow to see what they will wear next year
  3. Looks better! What if they changed the colors around and the burgundy was the main color behind the logo and black moved under the kachina stripe?? The logo would have to change color too probably but it could work
  4. Just chiming in to say I love this idea and execution
  5. Calgary Flames releasing their third jerseys Friday. Expect the retro
  6. I think Nashville looks good. They just need the extra thin blue stripe to separate the white and yellow. And I wish they'd even out the shoulder patches, but they got rid of all of the tacky lines/piping from the last jersey that bothered me. St. Louis is fine. The white numbers still look good for balance, but it is a little weird without yellow
  7. Yes! Move those numbers down Oilers. The color change definitely helps as the royal was too bright and fighting with the orange
  8. Thanks actually not bad at all, I'd still like to see it with burgandy replacing the red though, just for fun
  9. Oh man, so much news! So excited yet scared. I really hope for a lot of obvious fixes and changes (please fix the Flames and Avs and make the Wild pick a damn template) but already the news isn't good, Oilers shouldn't be orange full-time IMO and leave the Devils alone!
  10. possible: Las Vegas Black Aces "Foley had initially suggested his team name would include “Nevada,” but after some backlash in the city, he has stated it will be named Las Vegas. One popular suggestion out there is they will be called the Black Aces."
  11. Calgary should have worn red (retro's would have been ever better, too bad they are no longer part of their set). It's probably against some rule though to wear color vs. color. Kings jerseys looked great as a one off but wow that was bright.
  12. When is this Reebook catalogue coming out for 2015-16??? I'm getting impatient! I wear it was out earlier than this in previous years
  13. great job on the Flames concept @monkeypower ! That's what I was talking about! Maybe a white border around the shoulder patches instead but that looks sweet