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  1. amazing job on all of these! I am really liking what you're doing
  2. Nice job! I really like this. I would add a thin black outline to the helmet stripe. But that's just me. top notch concept.
  3. I always think of this logo when I see the canucks Johnny V one:
  4. Numbers on the front of NHL hockey jerseys! Gotta go!
  5. Any word on when Reebok's 2012-13 possible uniform changes guide will be out? This thread looks to have been started a year ago now
  6. It's still for sale on, so I wouldn't count it out that you wont see it this season. Starter did those. They had yellow Blackhawks ones that were equally vile. The royal blue Penguins jerseys they did worked nicely, though. (Little did I know at the time...) Another one that looked good was the Avalanche in baby blue. The Panthers in yellow wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. I own the black Red Wings and the red Rangers jerseys, they still look great! I own the Panthers blue as well, but those came true a few years later. Loved those fashion jerseys tho, wish they'd come back
  7. That is an amazing piece of work! Job well done, you area truly artistic and talented individual. Like the above posters have mentioned, it's too bad this isn't for sale. Keep up the good work.
  8. They are going to wear just practice jerseys, unless something has changed recently: http://www.winnipegf...-128371428.html Could be. But at the time of the article, the jerseys hadn't been unveiled yet. No need to keep them under wraps now that they are out in the open. Whether Reebok has had enough time to make that many jerseys is a different story. I hope they do wear them, we'll find out tonight. Here's another article from the jersey unveiling saying they won't wear them at the rookie tourney:
  9. They are going to wear just practice jerseys, unless something has changed recently:
  10. I agree, the socks should be red with a dark blue stripe with yellow trim