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  1. Rumor here in South LA is that UL Lafayette is switching to Nike. I hope so Russell is gawbage
  2. What's weird is that polls show poorly but everyone I know love it. I don't know. It's means so much locally I can't help but love it. Along witht he fact it was chosen to be part of our coastal restoration maks even more important to me. I wish the league would have allowed black instead of blue. The Pelicans were denied black.
  3. I wish LSU would use white panta and a white helmet as a normal alternate. I also liked the sublimated Tiger stripes too. Tulane has a huge upside coming when the stadium is complete.
  4. For the people that want the Hornets to move they're not. There is a long term deal with the state in place and a gowing season ticket base in lieu of a baaaddd season. Locals want a change. Hornets belong to Charlotte and we New Orleanians are an eclectic bunch who want our own identity. Some of the names being kicked around are Krewe, Brass, Pelicans.....I like Krewe myself. Would love Jazz back but that ship has sailed and Utah owns that identity...
  5. That is beyond terrible. Awful disgusting and disgraceful...God Russell is awful.....jeez that crappy Nike Miami-esque stripe, black and filthy awful number font......I won;t be watching one game...
  6. The Saints first owner, John Mecom, was an oil man "black gold". Thus black and gold who dats.....
  7. I really like your Saints set thanks. I would recommend the FDL stay the same as it is now. How about sime black and white pants to go with the gold? Thanks.
  8. I don't expect craziness..... think maybe some wierd stripes and new fonts.....matte pants....a couple of reboots...I would say I think each team should have three tops and three bottoms....Nike should equal more options....a third jersey and a throwback for all "storied" teams.
  9. I hope Nike does not get crazy with the Saints.....make the FDL bigger, matche the golds, add stripes to gold, black, and add white pants and I;m good....
  10. These are the best concept application I've seen here. Thanks very much. LSU please?
  11. These are great. New Orleans Saints please! I like the Tampa retro colors with pirate flag too....
  12. Any news on changes for the Saints or at least a gold matchup? Thanks.
  13. With regard to the LSU uniforms...I enjoyed the pcombat, but I would prefer a white helmet and tradtional look for white pants and stripes accordingly. I also liked the barely seen tiger stripes. I would like that permanently on the gold helemets.