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  1. I'm in the minority here. I'm not a fan. I originally thought maybe it was supposed to look like a raindrop. I think it looks like an army private first class patch. It's close, but doesn't move the needle (no pun intended) for me.
  2. Most times north is represented by pointing up. The "N" points down. Odd for a school named NORTHampton. Just an observation.
  3. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. I HATE the new cut on the NBA uniforms and that the arm hole trim doesn't go all the way around. I know the argument, but it's 2019. We have the technology. FIX IT! See also, under Kuzma's arm in this pic: I fixed it, as well as the actual trim itself:
  4. I actually prefer the 1989-2010 version of the WCC logo where the left side of the W was actually the west coast.
  5. You are correct, WSU151. They had gray trimmed numbers and letters. There was also gray in the arm hole, neck hole, and waistband trim. Minus the gray, they still got it wrong. the arm, neck, and waistband should be orange, white, orange.
  6. The home and away (sorry I'm not using the NBA-speak; I refuse to) are decent. I really like the mountains on the shorts. Wish they'd have gone all in on just navy blue and white with the yellow trim or added more of the secondary colors to the arm hole trim and waist band. The alternate is complete garbage.
  7. My least favorite (and someone said it earlier in this thread as well) is blue, red, and black. Next would be navy blue and black, a la Butler basketball uniforms. After that, it is anything with brown. I know that may upset some Padres, Wyoming Cowboys, Cleveland, Bowling Green, Tufts, etc. fans. Sorry. I just don't get it.
  8. The first two aren't "the worst", but they're nowhere near the best either. That last one still stings.
  9. I could not agree more! 1000 times this! Everything about the second set of Seahawks uniforms are superior to anything they've thrown out since.
  10. Look at the pic. It's an obvious mockup photoshop job just to show the paint scheme.
  11. Based on the 2K leaked images, these fall into 4 categories for me: 1. Decent (would be "good" but I hate the Nike cut that eliminates the arm hole trim from going all the way around in the back): Chicago, Boston, Clippers, and Piladelphia 2. Meh, I'm not impressed but I don't hate 'em: Portland, Cleveland, Memphis, Lakers, and Houston 3. Ugly: Milwaukee, Charlotte, Dallas, Brooklyn, Denver, Indiana, Detroit, San Antonio, Phoenix, OKC, Golden State, Washington, and Minnesota 4. WTAF?!: Atlanta, Utah, Sacramento, Knicks, Orlando, and New Orleans
  12. The good: MIA and LAL The meh (Don't like not hate them): ATL, BKLYN, CHA, CHI, DET, HOU, MIN, NO, ORL, PHILA, SA, TOR, DC The ugly: BOS, CLE, DAL, DEN, GS, IND, LAC, MEM, MIL, OKC, PHX, PDX, SAC, UTA
  13. I see what you're saying. Guess i just can't let go of the classic Wooden era uniforms. They scream UCLA success to me. I forgot to nitpick the arm and neck holes too. Those should be just two, not three, stripes.
  14. Under Armor did a MUCH better job than Adidas! Bugs me that the waistband isn't right. They missed the white outlines of the gold (thick white, thin blue, thin white, thin gold, thin white, thin blue, thick white). Nitpicky? Yes. Still, upgrade from Adidas.
  15. Fixed it! Quick, raw, and very rough mock up.
  16. No, I don't. I'm a fan of the pro teams I grew up with (SuperSonics, Seahawks, Mariners). With other teams, I have to have a personal connection to someone playing or coaching to like, support, and be a fan of. For example, I went to Washington State and I was a big WSU football fan because I knew the coaching staffs of Mike Price, Bill Doba, and Paul Wulff. I am not a fan of them now 1) for my personal dislike of the Leach and 2) I don't know anyone on the roster or staff. A lot of former WSU classmates get angry that I don't support WSU football. I guess I'm more loyal to people than places or things (such as uniforms and logos). Am I critical of uniforms and logos? Absolutely! Even if I know people on those teams.
  17. Hey, Michigan wore their practice gear in a game too!
  18. No big deal. If the jumpman logo wasn't on there, they look like an Adidas school in March anyway.
  19. Adidas. Putting NCAA Division-I men's basketball teams in practice gear for the post season,
  20. There is zero financial assistance for D3 athletes based on athletic ability, athletic talent, athletic involvement, or athletic leadership. Every single one of my athletes at the D3 level has received financial assistance. Nitpicky? You bet. You might liken it to what this board, and the members of it, (and coaching for that matter) are all about: details.
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