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  1. If you live outside the New England and Great Lakes states, this is NOT common knowledge. I've coached at the D3 level for 13 years and I can assure you that MOST people outside of those areas assume there is absolutely zero financial assistance for D3 athletes. I spent 8 years coaching at DI and at that time, I too, used the misnomer "athletic scholarship" instead of the correct "athletic grant-in-aid". I know what I'm talking about.
  2. So close! I really like the jersey. Nice way of tying in the candy stripe without going overboard. For my taste, I would've liked to see them do a red/white/red stripe down the sides of the pants and use the Indiana script on the helmet.
  3. FINALLY! Someone who "gets it" when it comes to D3! I hate when I hear "D3 doesn't offer scholarships." We do! We don't, however, offer athletic grant-in-aid.
  4. Looks amazing! Thanks! You do really great work.
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