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  1. Don't that LA garbage on here from the others. The white pants with gold jersey is perfect. The white jersey though would be better if it was like what they wore for Superbowl 34. How you have it now, the horn seems to get lost. Just as I think of the Blues, white should never predominantly border gold on a jersey.
  2. When I said old school numbers, I was referring to what they wore in 99.
  3. That's what I was thinking. I'd stick with the color rush jersey (navy, not royal) with the old school numbers (those look like the Texans' numbers), and add a full collar, like what the Bills and Pats have. The while horns look odd. White pants at home, gold on the road.
  4. How bout a Rams one, but not what they have. What would St. Louis look like if they used the same script as they use in their word mark? What they have now is too bland.
  5. Is that navy between the yellow and white on the Blues' home socks? I'm hoping it's not navy, but royal, to correspond with the rest of the uniform.
  6. As a Blues fan, exceptionally better. Still not sure about the socks, but looks good. For those of you who can change the photos, I wanted to see what the home would look like if the navy and yellow traded places on the shoulders.
  7. I really liked Washington's jerseys when they came out. I thought the Cap and the Bruins were the best of the bunch back then. Seven years later.... I still like the Caps, but the template does seem a little dated now. (My men's hockey team uses the Caps jerseys also) The Capitals, in my opinion, have the worst jerseys in the NHL. Have you forgotten about the Flames? With the flags, their jerseys feel like the designer had severe ADHD and wanted to fill any open areas. At least the Caps are somewhat clean and consistent.
  8. The Blues mockup is better, but not a classic. Stillman and a Blues beat writer have mentioned classic and timeless, this isn't. Icethetics mentioned that the shoulder striping was based off of the 67 jersey. The mockup doesn't show it, and only the whites had shoulder striping. The blue jersey didn't have a shoulder yoke until 1979. I'd love to see the new jerseys be the ones from 68-73 with the current Note and no navy. Not sure what to this because of the inconsistencies of the mockup and what was described.
  9. growing up (early 90s), I always thought of the blues as royal blue and yellow. even now, I wouldn't say that one of their colors is gold, although I heard reebok changed the hue of the color a couple years ago along with the panthers yellow to match.
  10. Hope so. Sadly, I'm expecting a bland and derivative look instead like most recent NHL changes have been.So you think everything has to be jazzed up in a way? Should the Red Wings, Blackhawks, or Rangers change now? I'm sure Stillman (the owner) will get it right. I'll take something that's timeless any day, which that seems to be the aim.
  11. Monday seems like an eternity. Is Monday supposed to be the unveil?Icethetics is supposed to have details of the new jerseys on their website on Monday.I'm guessing that there will be a leak by the team before then. That's how they did it in 07, where they let it out the night before.
  12. They first debuted an all royal logo as the Olympians pit stopped here then went on to Vancouver for the 1st game after the break. It was though on a navy background at the airport. The Note though, along with the outline was all royal.
  13. Only if the crown, alone, is their crest.
  14. Nice. I'd like to see an updated version of their last uniform set with the cursive wordmark, adding orange trim or dropshadow with brown trim (pants, sleeves, and button and neck.