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  1. Why not? Where? Lexington and Louisville are 100% college basketball cities, and if it's in Northern Kentucky, why not just base the team in Cincinnati?
  2. White 96 Dream Team II jerseys and shorts.
  3. Well it wouldn't be the first time CM Punk has rocked a straight up fake as jersey.
  4. Has anyone figured out why the original orange hats had an orange/blue MLB logo and now they are black/orange?
  5. Isn't Oregon State a Nike school? Why would Michigan have a bunch of their old jerseys?
  6. Barry Sanders Tecmo Bowl shirt
  7. Despite rumors, Miami is NOT getting new uniforms.
  8. Man City finally switches to Nike next season right?
  9. Sadly, FHP retired all of their Marauders.
  10. Weren't they called "Revolution" jerseys?