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  1. There's a massive new thrift shop that just opened around the corner from me, but everytime I go in I don't have enough time to browse properly as I'm with whining kids or whatever, but I spent a solid 45 minutes browsing the other day.

    Spotted a Brett Favre Packers' home jersey the other day for $4. In decent shape....was a size too small plus I'm a Lions fan so it would almost be sacrilege.

    I did get a Pistons Hardwood Classics tee, white with red trim...the old 80s-90s logo on front.

    They had a whole bunch of those hats you get in cases of beer, some teams that I didn't already have, but the ones I have now are just sitting there so I left them for someone who would fully enjoy them.

    So, where is this place?

  2. Here are some of the ones I have to deal with daily ...

    the new 2011 Chargers in FHP guise:


    the FHP Marauders:


    I still really would like to know the story behind the paintjob. They have used it forever, I know that. But why, I have no idea.

    As for the local boys...

    Jacksonville Sherriff's Office made the jump to Chevys a few years back. They just don't have the same oomph as the Dodges do:



    If it all goes down how it should, I hopefully will be driving one of these in the very near future:


    Sadly, FHP retired all of their Marauders.:(

  3. It's amazing how many road teams there were in '09.

    All I remember was OU getting beat badly in Lubbock, so I doubt they'll see another PCR.

    Didn't they mostly wear them on the road against teams outfitted by other companies? I know Miami wore theirs against USF who is UA, and Wisconsin who is Adidas.