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  1. Boo you. Bringing the teal back for one night would be awesome.
  2. Folklore maintains that the Ibis, a symbol of knowledge found in the Everglades and Egypt, is the last sign of wildlife to take shelter before a hurricane and the first to reappear after the storm.
  3. Having seen it, I'd say I was mildly disappointed.
  4. FHP actually retired their Marauders last year or the year before.
  5. Agree to Disagree. Two NFL Teams and an NHL franchise with three Cups. Not bad. The Nets are just an awful organization... Good riddance. Wait, are people from NJ claiming that the Giants and Jets are NJ franchises?
  6. So, considering it's Nike, can we just assume it's a silver alt?
  7. That second from the left logo reminds me of something transportation based. Like I would see it on an airplane, or the side of an 18 wheeler.
  8. I think I also remember a grey/silver fashion jersey during the Jerry Stackhouse days.
  9. Love the 90s set. Gold brimmed hat would have made it perfect.
  10. These MSU uniforms were always my favorite of their ever changing set in the 00s. The new Nike rebrand stinks.
  11. Some may argue that it should be called the "Richard Hamilton Era."
  12. Agreed. And maybe it's me, but "D" nowadays looks a smidgen smaller that those. It is, you can see the difference in the picture. The ones on the outside clearly have a bigger logo.
  13. So where can I buy a pair of those Baylor shorts?
  14. Saw both of these on eBay earlier. I don't ever recall Champion doing the different colors.
  15. Any chance that Nike uses the Boise/Michigan State game on 8/31 for some Pro Combats?
  16. Yeah, REALLY obvious. I'd wear some of these willingly...interesting discussion pieces! When it's the most famous fight song in history, yeah, it IS obvious.
  17. So you're saying people from the midwest don't like brightly colored things from South Florida? Pretty shocking.
  18. So go buy a cheap, Chinatown knockoff of a car, see where that gets you.
  19. Lame. With all the alternates from other schools, why drop yours? Maybe they don't feel like some small-time program that needs constant uniform gimmicks to attract attention. I'm not sure that theory holds much weight, considering Miami has been a Pro Combat team 2/3 years, and the fact that Nike seems to change their uniform every four seasons. It's just Al Golden with his mentoring from Joe Pa at Penn State. He said this year that Miami will only wear orange and white. I like us with orange pants on the road. We look classy, and would look better with our 1980's unifomrs. A newspaper or someone said that, but he never comfirmed that he said it anywhere that I saw. I actually made a post about that in the last NCAA uniforms thread. I think I linked to an interview with him where he said he didn't know anything about that.