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  1. Lame. With all the alternates from other schools, why drop yours? Maybe they don't feel like some small-time program that needs constant uniform gimmicks to attract attention. I'm not sure that theory holds much weight, considering Miami has been a Pro Combat team 2/3 years, and the fact that Nike seems to change their uniform every four seasons.
  2. This is a 2012 change, but I just saw it break. ByTimReynolds Tim Reynolds Breaking news: Miami says football team will not wear green jerseys in 2012.
  3. Those Central Catholic Vikings uniforms are nearly identical to the ones my HS wore for a while. Walled Lake Central Vikings.
  4. Michigan's Junior Hemingway seemed to have an additional patch on his jersey yesterday that nobody else had. Any idea what it was?
  5. Steve03Merc


    The Jupiter Hammerheads (Marlins Single A) uses the team's old color scheme. Wonder if they'll update.
  6. That was something that was just made up. There was an interview with Coach Golden where he said that he had no idea where the all white on the road thing came from.
  7. Reminds me of something from a movie that doesn't have official licensing rights. Those teams always seem to have names and uniforms based on local things.
  8. L_Bell24 LeVeon Bell by MikeValenti971Everybody wait til we wear ours in the UofM game...#Combats That's worrying....
  9. Maybe he thinks of Keyshawn as a Jet in the older, green helmet?
  10. Reporter asks Al Golden about Miami's 2011 uniforms. Evidently he never said anything about the only combos being orange/white and white/white.
  11. Based on the past, and a tidbit I remember reading a while ago, the 'Canes are supposed to have a completely new set come next season.
  12. Miami has ditched the orange pants, green pants, and green jersey. 2011 JERSEY COMBINATIONS REVEALED The Hurricanes' jersey combinations have been set for the 2011 season and they're keeping it simple. Only two different jersey combinations will be used this season, with the Canes wearing orange tops and white pants at home, while donning all
  13. So did Nike hijack this for the new ASU identity?
  14. Well if the 'Canes were the first team to wear it, it seems a little ridiculous to hate on those uniforms for being a "template."
  15. These Miami uniforms looked awful, I think people are just biased towards them because they did well in them. Every time I see this template I just smh. Wasn't Miami the first team with this look?
  16. This is all I can find with a quick search for the black Wings uniform.
  17. I remember seeing this thing around town....
  18. Love that cap with the red bill.
  19. I would love to see a Manchester City one.
  20. Isn't it either Auburn or LSU who has numbers every 5 yards as well?