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  1. Wouldn't having a colored field lose it's "advantage" if everyone had a colored field?
  2. One of these. Doesn't matter the player, but I need one in my life.
  3. Check out the dude rocking the Uggs and camo cargo shorts. If it wasn't for that bling on his wrist I'd swear he was homeless. Or the fact that he's sitting on the court at a Heat game.
  4. I can't get over how awful MSU's new identity is.
  5. I enjoyed them in the mid 90s when the Royals, Pirates, Orioles and Mets all had grey or white caps.
  6. The real question is why is Derrick Rose in a #11 jersey? It IS 2011.
  7. The Lions sponsor has to be Ford. I mean, they do own the team.
  8. And it's the Chinese counterfeits that have the quality issues, right?
  9. Or is it just older photography and different materials showing the same color differently?
  10. ? Florida: Alligator-skin motif used in the jersey numbers, pant, gloves and footwear inspired by menacing Gator mascot. Does Nike know what menacing means? Because Albert certainly isn't it.
  11. Miami is due to unveil their new Pro-Combat set next Wednesday.
  12. Yeah, Boise has a good color scheme for Nike to kind of go wild. But I guess Miami is scheduled to wear theirs against Virginia Tech in November.
  13. I really wouldn't mind seeing white with just a crimson A on the side.
  14. 10 schools.
  15. Those are all great, except when you remember that the 08 jerseys were different colors on the front and back. That was HEINOUS.
  16. To be fair, Hester was around at Miami for the next style of jersey, with the "bra strap", but's went all the way around the back in real life.
  17. Swing and a miss.....
  18. Miami against USF, who I think is Under Armour.
  19. Why do the Mizzou gloves say Beast Mode? Isn't that something that Marshawn Lynch came up with?
  20. Also, rumors of Miami wearing a version of their own at USF. Which would go along with the theory of wearing them at non-Nike schools right?
  21. I'm usually not a fan of much of the Nike gimmick stuff, but I like it. And I can't wait to see the Miami version of those gloves.