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  1. Actually, Nike has amended this logo, and it now looks like this.
  2. Love all of them, except Houston. Reminds me too much of Ohio State basketball.
  3. Looking mighty terrible I might add.
  4. Does this mean the Lions aren't wearing throwbacks on Thanksgiving?
  5. Walled Lake Central Vikings, MI Home: Road:
  6. Nothing is worse than Miami's unis...The next time they change their uniforms, they should make piping that points to their ass and crotch. As a Miami fan who has had no problem with their past few uniform changes, I am totally embarrassed to see my team out there in such ass ugly uniforms.
  7. Hopefully the black unis from basketball and baseball don't bleed over into the football program. That would be TERRIBLE.
  8. what is the link to that board?
  9. I remember that two starters on Ohio State shared numbers a few years ago. I think it was like Santonio Holmes and Ashton Youboty.
  10. Only replicas though. Edit: Found these pictures browsing a Miami board.
  11. In this instance, new dominates old. So I take it that they will get new football uniforms? Any info on that? Adidas still outfitting the team?
  12. I'd probably try the two websites with the most hats around.
  13. Look at those bills, didn't anyone teach these dudes how to bend a cap?
  14. And they play in like every nationally televised game. There are only like six different teams that the NBA has play on Sunday, LA, PHX, Dal, Mia, Det and Cleveland.
  15. Why buy a jersey with a number that Amare doesn't even wear anymore?
  16. Anyone else notice that the "fake" Hawks logo looks an awful lot like the Mozilla Firefox logo?
  17. I never even knew that the Tigers took part in that. I really want to see their 2027 threads.
  18. Yup. I remember the KC version too. Any pictures of these or somewhere I could buy that O's hat?