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  1. If I can remember correctly, there was a white or gray version of the Orioles hat. I'm not 100% sure on this, and I've had trouble coming up with pictures or info, can anyone shed some light on this for me, or am I just flat out wrong?
  2. Can one of you talented folks Photoshop the Suns alt so it has purple side panels? I want to see how awesome it would look, or so everyone claims.
  3. This actually doesn't look THAT bad..... But my favorite alt is the Pistons red, and the Cavs navy blue.
  4. Close. The Missouri jerseys don't have the belly piping. The Missouri template on the Nike uniform builder has the belly piping, but the actual uniform Mizzou wears doesn't have it. Santa Fe High School in Edmond, Oklahoma uses the same template, but their uniforms differ from Missouri and Wake Forest by actually have the piping: My former high school has also adopted that look.
  5. And you know this how? If they are like the Briscoe ones, I like 'em. I'm guessing it will be an all new design, since the last two times that Nike has re-done Miami's uniforms (in 2000 and 2004) they've been all new templates.
  6. DT recruit Kerry Murphy had this to say about them. "They look good. At Hoover we have the same design as theirs, but now they have the stripe coming up over the chest. It's hard to explain." Does anyone here know anything about Nike redesigning Miami again this year?
  7. why? i dont like the black sweatband. only because that you cant tell if its been worn or not. It's probably just because I'm not used to them, and I think they'll look odd on some of the hats.
  8. It's probably just me, but I hate the black underbill on the new hats.