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  1. Thanks, that makes sense. Follow-up question: what kind of material would be needed for the numbers? I have a white jersey from the same era that I'd like to get numbered. I'm assuming the air-knit material wouldn't work for that.
  2. I have a local guy who's numbered a few jerseys for me, and done a good job. I recently took him an early-2000s Canucks jersey to do in this style: He nailed the deep red and metallic silver, but the name plate colour (or color, for the Americans reading) is a bit off. ColorWerx calls it deep blue: He used more of a standard navy, so it's a bit lighter than the jersey, which is most noticeable in sunlight. I asked him about it, and he said it's the closest match he had. So what I'm hoping to do is find some material in the correct colour, and take it to him to fix it with. My question is: where would I buy that? And how would I know if it's the correct colour before ordering?
  3. As a Canucks fan, I never liked that jersey, but I did like the idea of integrating the logo and jersey design. I think it worked for the Penguins with their 90s alternate. As for the orange-to-red switch, I always thought it happened for the 92-93 season. IMO it was a big improvement, due to the better contrast between the yellow and red.
  4. IMNSFHO, the Blue could really make a mark for themselves if they pulled a NY Jets, and went full retro for their identity. Bring back the 80's style uniforms, hell use the 90's template if they have to, but a Royal Blue/Old Gold (somewhere between collegiate and vegas gold, really) color palette would work very nicely. Bring back the block W as a helmet logo, and watch the money pour in. But it makes sense, so it'll never happen. And it is the CFL ... Has any team even changed their home and away jerseys since RBK took over? The Riders darkened the shade of green and changed to the same number font as the Bombers in 2008. The Alouettes changed from one-colour to three-colour numbers on their home jersey, but I can't remember if that was post-Reebok or not.
  5. This has been a source of frustration for me for the last few years. When I got my Dominguez jersey in 2006, my choices for customization were the Rider Store, and Jersey City. The Rider Store used the wrong number font, but the correct name font. Jersey City used the correct number font, but the wrong name font. I literally did not see one replica jersey that had both fonts correct. So, I decided to go with Jersey City, and my jersey looks similar to the green Jurasin jersey your brother-in-law has. It still bugs me that the name font is wrong, and Jersey City still hasn't fixed it on their new replicas. Now, as you probably know, in 2008 the Riders changed their uniforms slightly. The green was darkened to match the retro jerseys, and the number font changed slightly. The number change is most noticeable with the 2 digit, but I think all the digits changed slightly. Compare this photo of John Chick from 2007: with this one of Maurice Lloyd from 2008: The 7 is a bit narrower in 2008. However, if you compare the name font on James Johnson's jersey in 2007 to the photo that Jezus_Ghoti posted from 2008, I don't think it changed. All this to say that I think your green jersey has the 2007 number font with an incorrect name font, and your white jersey has the 2008 number font with the correct name font. So I think the only fix needed is the name plate on the green jersey. Let me know how it turns out, because I would be interested in doing the same thing with mine.
  6. Don't see the beaver... Yeah, can we get another one of those outline pictures? I can see what would be the teeth and the eyes, but the huge mustache is preventing me from being able to see a beaver I think... OK... I'm REALLY trying to bite my tongue here... This is WAY too obvious a set up. Haha, oh, wow, not sure how I missed the innuendo in that post... But seriously guys, help me find the beaver. When you are ready for the beaver, the beaver will find you. Sweet. I just saw the beaver. (I hope I'm saying that sometime on New Year's.) I honestly never saw the man's face until today, and I'm a big CFL fan. I always thought it was just a beaver with a moustache and a hat... my mind has been blown.
  7. Most likely the same MLS font that was used last season. Bah. Hate that one.
  8. Does anyone know what number font will be used with these?
  9. It seems like a lot of people overlook the colour change that the Canucks made in the early '90s. IMO, it was a big upgrade for such a subtle change. There was way more contrast between the yellow and red as opposed to the yellow and orange (even if they called it red).
  10. Here's a photo showing the pants, which were worn with the retros last year: The road uniform, with the same pants:
  11. I believe they are just saving them for the regular season. We'll find out tonight. Rumour has it they will also have new pants. However, I've gotta say that I consider the new helmet a big downgrade.
  12. Back on topic... It looked like the Riders wore last year's jerseys for the first pre-season game. However, they had new helmets with the normal logo on them instead of the wrap-around. I think the helmet change is a downgrade.
  13. The 2005-2006 Heat pretty much started this tradition. Not even close, pal. Not even close. WOW! A whole 2 years ago! What tradition. yeah BBtV is right, not even close. Calgary started it with the Red Sea. Winnipeg picked up the ball and ran with it with the White Out. Then, all hell broke loose. Still not even close.
  14. Pantone, those are pretty close, but I think the retro green that they use now is a bit darker than the one you have.
  15. They actually didn't wear the black pants once last year, which I was thrilled about. I like both the current uniform set and the retro alternate, so I'll reserve judgement on this until I see the new ones.