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  1. Of course, the perfect jersey of the Rimouski Oceanic, weared by Brad Richards and Sidney Crosby, hasn't changed
  2. I would appreciate one with Tomas Plekanec of the Montreal Canadiens. Thx a lot !
  3. Clean this up and this is a : WOW ! I absolutly love the hole design (striping, colors, everything). Just one thing or two : I'd use the actual numbers and make the name font in white. I think that the name in gold like this would be pretty difficult to read.
  4. He died attempting to perform the killing curse on Harry Potter, and all was then good in the world. -------------------------------------------------------------- mean "The New Englander?" Suspended for a month. Oh My, I hope no Harry Potter fan read this because you're a dead man. You know how much it means to them
  5. Please, I though that ugly pens logo was gone for good. From my opinion, it's just not good, man. The mix of gold and great looks horrible. The gold lines on the grey shoulders are worst... Try to change your color scheme and maybe you could do something acceptable even with this logo. Plus I'd consider to change the to type of striping under the back number. That make everything look messy. EDIT : P.S.: Je viens de remarquer que tu es de Montréal donc si tu parles français excuse moi de t'avoir écrit un commentaire en anglais
  6. Wow I love this concept. The white note is nice, I'm surprised this is the first time I see it. Great, simple concept. Really strong. Amazing job !
  7. Oh My ! Please I can't stand one more concept of the SJ Sharks with orange !
  8. Great site man. Is it me or the new Lightning logos are SO UGLY ! I could have made them, and I'm not a very skillful designer. My God please tell me these logos aren't the real ones !
  9. I looked at this concept for several minutes and it just tells me nothing. Plus, the star is the Dallas Stars' one, so the logo seems uncreative to me. Of course you show great design skills in the jerseys but I really don't feel the logo and the colors. That just doesn't look good to me, sorry. But I feel that you have enough skill to create something nice. Try to imagine something modern and original, with a good color palette.
  10. I think you're not on the good forum man. This is not a concept.
  11. I finally made the changes I wanted to do. First I changed the name font. I think the new is definitely better. I also took this one from Plus, I modified the striping of the socks to fit the ' wavy ' style of the concept. It gives this : Please tell me if it's an good upgrade and if you think I should modify other thinks ! Thanks !
  12. allyb96

    Blues Wallpaper

    Same thing : Replace Sanford and Weight by Stempniak and E. Johnson, make the Cup more apparent and you have a winner.
  13. You made great modifications, but I thinks that Pred's new look is not as bad as most of people tell. It's definitely better thant their old ones, and I love the "Nasville" script over the away crest. You just removed the yellow lines on the chest and script. Yeah it looks great, but I don't think it makes a big difference. The two looks cool for me.
  14. allyb96

    San Jose Sharks

    Wow the stripings are AWESOME. I love the fact that you dropped the orange. I still don't understand why they added this color to the logo. From my opinion the best SJ Sharks concept on this board recently.
  15. allyb96

    Sharks Logo

    wow your last one is incredible ! The all-black is definitely the better. Perhaps I would try the keep the original color of the stick (on the original SJ Sharks 1993 logo) and also I would keep the eye that you used on your first modification. From my opinion with these changes that would be perfect. Sorry for my english.
  16. The second one of Vinny Lecavalier is great ! Thx !
  17. Wow the Zelda one looks reaallyy cool. Great job. I love those numbers.
  18. Woa these sigs are hot. Wonder if you can do them with NHL players ? Like Vincent Lecavalier ?
  19. I'm actually into some modifications on my concept. I'll re-do some of the letters to make the font more easy to read and also I changed the striping on the socks to stay in the ' wavy ' style of the jersey. I'll post as soon as it's finished. Thanks for the comments !
  20. allyb96

    Buffalo Sabres

    Good concept but try to make the shoulder patches bigger. We can barely see them. Also, I think that the shoulder stripe is too thick so the logo comes at the bottom of the jersey, which I don't like. Overall it's a simple, good and clean concept but I've seen so many concepts of the Sabres with the logos that I'm beginning to be bored. It's like nobody can make some original with these, everything have been done.
  21. The font used for the names was Minangkabau, found on, so it wasn't modified. I wanted something original but maybe I could touch some of the letters to make the font a bit less complicated and more easy to read, that's a great idea.
  22. What I wanted to say is that this is NOT a concept of the SJ Sharks, but a fantasy team I created with no intentions of inventing a new look for the SJ Sharks. As far as I know, a FANTASY team can be called what ever the creater want it to be. If you want it so much you can also take this concept as SJ Sharks one, I don't care, it's still a concept. So that being said, do you have some constructive comments to give me ?
  23. As some people here may know, the only concepts I've made since I'm a member of this forum were concepts for already existing NHL teams. But this time, I wanted to do something completely original, the logos, the numbers, etc. So here's my concept of a team called the California Sharks. I know it seems like I just used California instead of San Jose, but that's not the idea. I was alway facinated by sharks since my childhood and I know that most of the sharks attacks on humans in the world were reported in California so the choice of the location of this team was not difficult. So, there is no link to the SJ Sharks. I made the logos myself with MS Paint and The Gimp, and the numbers too. The font was found on, same think for the scripts. Please be easy on me this is my first original concept. So here it is :
  24. The jersey designs seems great but the star itself is too small and just doesn't fit. It's like there is something missing. Also, I know it was said before, but on the alternate PLEASE for the sake of this team REMOVE this ugly logo. Except this little logo problem I think you did an excellent job. The stripping pattern is nice, simple and clean, love the colors also.
  25. allyb96

    Texas Longhorns

    Great logos, reeeaaally nice, but from my point of view the second one is too similar to the Austin Toros logo, from the NBA Development League :