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  1. As a LFC season ticket holder for 20 years have to say I am one loves warrior as our kit maker. Was worried at first but they seem to keep it classic and simple for the home which we all like then a bit more adventurous for the away. They certainly are more aimed for a younger market than old generation but as a young person myself I love them. I'm sick of Adidas and puma trialling out the same old garbage for every team template after template! Warrior at least is unique! Plus they gave us shed load of money and unlike united and Nike we are in control of all our merch and as such will be opening LFC stores in Asia soon if we went with Nike this wouldn't be possible. They three kits next year look very good especially the third. People moan but once we actually playin them and win people like them and knowing people from club shop we have sold allot more kits under warrior than Adidas. Helps when we brought back the golden Liverbird and got new owners mind
  2. That's a disgrace that Adidas have basically changed the design for the replica Toronto away!! Here in England it is very rare or unheard of for people to buy the authentic one? The replicas are always made to look exactly the same so why the mls jerseys have to look so different is beyond me!! Would be fair if replica had none stitched flag etc but to not have one and not have maple leaf design! I'm worried about my USA team Orlando! I don't want to have to pay an extra $30 for the real kit!
  3. thanks tbdaniel15 appreciate your feedback. Yeah that thread is helpful although until moving to the states i wont be able to upgrade and i cant really draw to a level of fully developing my own logos so kind of stuck using inkscape and paint at the mo. I was hopping as i said someone would take my idea and create a real concept of it if you catch my drift. bbb having it resemble a football (soccer shirt / jersey) isnt a bad thing in our culture. Remember if we get a team it has to be our team our culture not American that's the point. That monarchs jersey is crap the classic monarchs one before that was good but that's hideous!
  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but flat out it stinks no reasons why? Bit harsh!? The rest of your comment makes no sense. If we get a team it will be based in London, i.e.. London's team not a USA cites team with English branding. If you mean a US city that doesn't have a team should get one then why is that our problem. Blame the NFL! Think we are well on the way to proving we can sustain a team. idea is based of- More constructive criticism rather than slagging idea of first hand
  5. Hello everybody As a Huge English NFL fan I am very excited by the prospect of a Uk or English NFL team! However I felt I had to get my concept across. For us to get a NFL franchise would require a HUGE gamble on the NFL's part. This is not because there is not enough interest but because of UK fans failing to accept and support the new team. The new franchise would only be followed by UK fans thus for it to survive it would need to draw UK NFL fans from their current teams. In my view the only way to do this would be to invoke a patriotic brand. For my concept I have chosen to ditch the UK element as some on here suggested their is too much red white and blue in the NFL. That being said and the fact the franchise would be in London led me to an England concept. I have chosen the name ENGLAND KNIGHTS I admit it doesn't roll of the tongue as much as London knights but you have to understand that for the franchise to work here London CANNOT be in the name. I'm from Liverpool and don't care much for London. My fellow northern NFL friends said they wouldn't ditch their NFL teams to follow a team called London something. Seems petty but can be very tribal here on our island especially in the worlds football game I have gone with the Knights name not only (to enter madden comp lol) but because it invokes that classic image many people abroad think of when they here England, Castles knights dragons etc. I didn't go with dragons because that = Wales here. When you think of an English knight you think of the white robe with the red cross with chain mail. This is the basis for my uniform. http:// I will explain at the bottom of this post why but you have to use your imagination with the helmet as I don't have the skills to show it how I wish yet. I want a helmet like this one- http:// The aim is to make it look like a knights helmet with battle scars etc. For the logo I have gone with the classic three lions as that was England's original flag which makes it historically correct for this concept and is England's most patriots logo. It doesn't come across in the Uniform concept picture but I would want the helmet like the one above with the three lions in chrome like the Oregon helmet. The reason I have the number small on the front is because it takes away from the cross if it was big and based on English sporting tradition we don't do big numbers on the from and as far as I'm aware there is no rule against a small front number. The Gray on the sides is to represent chain mail. Maybe at close it would have chain mail watermarks to give it a more real affect but not sure if that would be necessary. The reason the back of the jersey is red is because the classic English knight look wears a red cape with the white robe thus I hope this give it that affect. Here is my very poor attempt at a word mark- http:// No need for an explanation you can see what I have done. Now I LOVE GRAPHIC DESIGN and have been a big fan of these boards and everyone's talent and works on here. However I'm just getting started. I don't have the programs or skills yet to produce my ideas. I'm using Inkscape and paint and watching you tube vids to learn. I recently got engaged to an American and plan on marrying and moving there soon and hope to maybe learn graphic design while there. The reason I say this is because a UK NFL team is something me and any other ex pat would love to see while living in the US and I would love nothing more than to see my design truly fleshed out so I can see it for how I imagine it. Please can you help me by giving me advice tips on my concept and I hope someone on here can take my idea and create a more realistic vision of it i.e pic of a real player wearing the kit etc. I know I'm very bad at the moment so please be kind ill do have good Ideas trust me I just don't have the skills as of yet would LOVE your expert opinions and further concept images based on my idea, thanks for looking
  6. Really nice effort from Nike but maybe a bit too plain on the top but that's just me. Just wish we would have moved to all white kit with red accents like we did under imbroglio rather than the traditional British colour look. Which makes no sense when you think about it. Will the shorts be in light blue then I assume?
  7. Red and blue looks amazing! would be proud if we got a team that had that exact look except the London part.... Understand that there may be too many teams with red white and blue colour but if the nfl did give us a team there would be allot that would have to be done to make it work. One of them being giving us the right identity, and making it as patriotic as possible will always help more than a colour scheme picked merely to stand out in the league. Great work
  8. Wow this is amazing, have been planning something similar with the English premier league. Great job!
  9. As a Brit love the concept, but two problems one is if we are to get a nfl team here it cannot and should not be london anything as this would alienate most of the British isles. Has to be British archers or English archers etc. that being said the colours also have to be red white and blue. If we get a team has to be a strong enough brand relating to our country to give up the teams we already support in the nfl. If the home was red red with blue and white highlights would be within the county's colour scheme also the British lions rugby which is the only professional team that forms all four uk countries and the republic of ireland play in red for their home. Also is handy for marketing terms having the Brit team in the USA playing in red giving the history i.e the redcoats. Is cheesy but that sort of thing works. Sorry do love your concept and art work is amazing just wanted to give one Brits opinion Ps would love to see st George's cross or the union jack on the kit
  10. adidas have the stripes on their kits because that is their brand, people see the stripes and recognise it as adidas, i personally like the three stripes on their kits, and the france kit is a perfect example of where the stripes work perfectly (incoorprating the tricolour of the french national flag in the three stripes) i do agree that adidas need to add variety as to where they place the stripes maybee down the back of the shirt of at the side etc
  11. Those new chelsea shirts are rubbish the home is the worst shirt i have seen in years and dont get me started on the away kit, the black one is okay and will look cool in the champions league, here is a photoshop pic of what the chelsea shirt will look like on the players (taken from here is another photoshop pic of the new arsenal shirt in action
  12. The victory shirt would look really nice without the numbers stuck in the middle of the shirt! They should have placed the numbers under the samsung logo
  13. advertising in most sports looks rediculous and shameful especially in hockey because thier is no room for the advertsing to go so it looks awful when placed randomly on the back of a goalie helment of at the bottom of a playters shorts, and nascar is rediculous for it i mean what each car has like 200 adverts its rediculous, i will stick up for football shirt advertsing because it does look good if you have the right sponser eg my team liverpool fc with carlsberg, if the nhl does this then their are indeed selling out the sport which has proud traditions
  14. Wow next years super bowl logo is awful, what were they thinking as some of you rightly say it has nothing to do with florida at all, its so plain and boring, bigdub81 ur logo is brilliant colourful and exciting, if the nfl wants to make their brand global they will not win us europeans over with crappy super bowl logos such as this, hopefully the superbowl after tampa will be allot more imaginative
  15. great idea boca junniors would work well as a miami mls team but you have the colours wrong, boca play in blue with yellow where as your kits are more purple and yellow but good desgins though