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  1. I have nothing to add other then. Laces out Dan!!
  2. Dear Blue Jays, This is how you do 80's night. Signed, Me.
  3. Any word if Blue Jays will wear 90's uniforms to celebrate Alomar number being retired?
  4. Three things would have made these games better. 1) Field with old logos 2) ESPN using old logos 3) ESPN referring to the teams by old names and cities.
  5. Saw the new Pepsi logo for the first time in Canada today.
  6. Eagles McCoy-29 Ingram-88 Harris-35 Peters-71
  8. Um, I am looking at a Coke can I bought and drank a while ago, no Classic anywhere near it..........
  9. Yes, thank you! The black is awesome for Calgary.
  10. Here is a link the 2009 #24 Pepsi Chevy of Jeff Gordon showing new logo
  11. Looks like the Coyote head would be touching the C if on right side.
  12. Matt Keetley for the Flames wears 36
  13. Harvey the Hound was the first NHL mascot
  14. Gotta try get fans to come see a :censored:ty hockey team play some how
  15. The best part about them is the score and the points the Eagles are putting up