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  1. Disregard. I had this in another thread because I didn't see this one here. A mod must've moved it.
  2. Didn't know where to put this and didn't want to start a new thread (maybe we can repurpose this 2015-16 AHL changes?), but Winnipeg is picking up its AHL stakes in St. John's and moving them to MTS Centre (return of the Moose, perhaps?!?!) a la what the Sharks are doing temporarily. This triggers Montreal moving its AHL team from Hamilton to St. John's leaving Hamilton without a team at the level (they've been rumored to be getting an OHL team for some time now. So more changes on the horizon for the AHL in addition to the California teams. Link: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/hockey/ahl/Manitoba-Moose-20-in-the-works-295455711.html?device=mobile
  3. They played each other twice that year, too. Because they always face each other in the peseason, likely the last week, and likely at Ford Field (one of the first few games there it would've been, as well).
  4. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/96570-2014-2015-nhl-jerseylogo-changes/?p=2268327
  5. We just had the second and final matchup of a rare matchup the other day... Earlier this season Friday
  6. I think it's simply for the benefit of the fans sitting in the seats on the third-base side. They would likely not be able to sell some of the first few rows.
  7. With regards to the soccer pictures: were the dimensions (width, chiefly) of the playing surface reduced at all to better fit better at any venue? An eyeball test is tough due to lack of markings but some get pretty close to the retaining walls and I'm sure shaving off a few feet on the sides would be negligible.
  8. The banners at the NHL Draft were replaced by boards that illuminate the logo of the team that is on the clock. Also, the teams are sorted by their (new) divisions instead of just by conference. http://www.twitter.com/MapleLeafs/status/351048320581505025/photo/1
  9. Looks like only that one game. These pictures are from 2008. Teams also met in 2004 at the Ralph. This actually would come up for the Bills in those uniforms vs. any NFC team. They only met each NFC twice (1 home, 1 away) in those under the NFL's scheduling structure. Maybe a handful thrice, if you count preseason.
  10. Yep, like that. There haven't been too many. Two dozen or so, if that. Still waiting to see a non-goalie wearing 1.
  11. I'm weirded out by pitchers in numbers 10-19 too, for some reason. To me it's weird like skaters in hockey wearing goalie numbers, typically 30, 31 and 35. Also no one mentioned Sidney Crosby. Born August 7, 1987, or 8/7/87 Americanized, and he wears 87. He was only the second player to wear it too, as Donald Brashear played his whole career with it. One other player wore it, in Crosby's rookie and sophomore seasons, Pierre Turgeon, because his usual 77 was retired by his team, Colorado (Ray Bourque).
  12. Some players (i.e. Crosby, RNH) wear numbers for their birth year. So in about 6-7 years, you may see a player that would've wanted to wear 99.
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