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  1. The American flags are wrong too. They're supposed to be backwards when on the right side so that the stars are always in front. Although to be fair, I've always thought that was a silly "rule" and I have no problem with them breaking it. It is just the sloppy mock up as the Adirondack Flames have it correct. It's common etiquette among asymmetrical flags to always be depicted on a pole so I don't mind it.
  2. 11 years of the smile. Can you believe that?!
  3. I've seen it. It's an extra bold (like really think weight), all caps "TBS" and that's it. It's teal and white unless what I saw was program-specific. Sorry, no pictures because I'm on mobile. Upgrade but kind of meh.
  4. Disregard. I had this in another thread because I didn't see this one here. A mod must've moved it.
  5. Didn't know where to put this and didn't want to start a new thread (maybe we can repurpose this 2015-16 AHL changes?), but Winnipeg is picking up its AHL stakes in St. John's and moving them to MTS Centre (return of the Moose, perhaps?!?!) a la what the Sharks are doing temporarily. This triggers Montreal moving its AHL team from Hamilton to St. John's leaving Hamilton without a team at the level (they've been rumored to be getting an OHL team for some time now. So more changes on the horizon for the AHL in addition to the California teams. Link:
  6. Johnny in front of the V and partial Johnny roundel are both winners based on these 8 mockups. I'm convinced now; I was wrong before. Those are great!
  7. That's the one (the road one). Just an awful, nonsensical, league-wide template from Reebok. Jerseys aren't any tighter or form-fitting like their NHL Edge jerseys try and accomplish. Plus there's lots of sublimation throughout the league rendering the color changes at the seams unnecessary. Good riddance to Reebok; we just need Projoy to wise up or GTFO themselves.
  8. The jersey you posted was great! But the last ones they used in Philly (designed when Reebok mutilated the league before it jumped ship) were pretty terrible like everyone else's.
  9. Speaking of traditional goalie numbers and "Uniform numbers that look bad", how about traditional goalie numbers on non-goalies: Chris Nilan wore #30 on three different teams for his entire 10-year career. Turner Stevenson wore #30 for most of his eight seasons with the Canadiens. Donald Brashear wore #35 for all three-plus of his seasons with the Canadiens. Tomas Plekanec wore #35 for the first two-plus seasons of his career. Pavel Kubina wore #31, an inverse of his usual #13, as one of his few different numbers with the Leafs. Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head (there's probably more). Odd that it's mostly Montreal.
  10. Copy your biggest/oldest rival much, New England? Go back to Philly!
  11. You're missing three Week 9 games, canzman. Oakland @ Seattle Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Indianapolis @ NY Giants
  12. The Bills are in all white at home this week. Not the throwbacks though. Since the Bills are wearing all white at home today I wish it were the throwbacks. Gawd how I love that '62-'73 grazing bison logo I grew up seeing as a kid. Just off subject quickly, FOX showed Jim Kelly on the sidelines talking to new owner Terry Pegula along with Russ Brandon and that is the very best I've seen JK look since the 2nd cancer fight where he's now cancer-free. Good on him!! The throwback will be back for its second and final time this season on 11/30.
  13. Looks like dark green to me, not black.