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  1. I'm almost surprised it's not the "A" in their avitar instead of a red-outlined version of the current logo.
  2. The teams in one of my fantasy leagues a few years decided to do something like this. There were a couple of goofs who put their teams in towns that have like 100 people in them. But most of us picked cities that we thought could be good homes for a minor league. The better ones were Portland, Shreveport, Omaha, Hartford and Tacoma. One guy put his team in Idaho Falls and another responded by putting his in Boise so there would be an "interstate rivalry." I put my team in San Antonio.
  3. You've had two of your threads locked already. You're not getting the hint.
  4. Dude, why don't you just ASK to get banned? Because that's basically what you're doing.
  5. I think the Chiefs painting the team's helmet at midfield along with theirs as well as putting the opponent's name in one end zone was something they did on a regular basis when they played at Municipal Stadium.
  6. There used to be a red stylized "A" inside a white circle at midfield at Arrowhead Stadium. I think the "A" is the same as the one in the word "Arrowhead" on the back side of the jumbotrons that face the parking lot.
  7. I actually was commissioned to create the new logo. I hope you all enjoy it. the iconic star C we decided to keep, ditching the leaf due to this website's complete non-association with Canada (research of your client is necessary for a good logo; write this down, kids)electric-green stripes create a sense of dynamic energy, pointing the logo forward into the future; the lens flare should draw in the JJ Abrams crowd of millenials who require that extra polish black circle in the background ties it all together with a stirring sense of fashion - black is sleek, slimming, and appealing to all - gold glow contains Dedication Pixels for all members collectively banned from the communitythe 18th anniversary deserves to be featured prominently, and it's angular, modern font style harkens us back to yesteryear, the orange was given a new shade to exhibit the strength of our forum membership The breast-cancer awareness ribbon is a perfect compliment.
  8. The Panthers called their color scheme plum, champagne and sky blue. I had a difficult time telling if "champagne" was supposed to be a light silver or a gold similar to vegas gold. For all of the unique designs of the 80s, for the most part they stayed within the usual color realm of black, blue and red with occasional silvers and golds/yellows. The Panthers colors were the first that I can recall that stepped out of the box. Even the other USFL teams stuck with basic colors. The Washington Federals had a green-blue thing going on and the Jacksonville Bulls came in during the second season with maroon, orange and silver. But for the most part, it was black, blue, red, gold/yellow just like everyone else. This is the version of the "green-black-silver" version of the Roughriders' look I like the most. But it is very 80s and would look outdated on the field today.
  9. Those logos all suck. And the Connecticut Whale is a recycled name. The Hartford Wolf Pack used that for a while.
  10. It will be an 80s-90s cliche throwback logo: Purple and teal Zubzaz with all the text in Copperplate. The template will change every other year to spur merchandise sales. In 10 years when the logo becomes outdated, it will be changed to black, midnight green and Vegas gold Nike swooshes with text in a font that renders a Capital N as a larger version of a lower-case N.
  11. When did the Saints remove the Louisiana state outline from their jerseys? I know it hasn't been there since the Nike rebrand. Bad move on their part.It was removed before the 2007 season I It was a patch to celebrate their return to the Supderdome/New Orleans after Katrina, right? It was worn for their first season back after bouncing from place to place in 2005. I liked the sleeve version better White numbers pop better off black jersey I like the larger helmet logo. The current one is tiny and it bugs me that it's so small.
  12. The bright gold on the helmet and those pants in the bottom photo look nowhere close to the same color. You'd think the 49ers would go back to Nike and at least ask for a color that matches, even if it's not shiny.
  13. Your version looks worlds better. Switching the colors makes a huge difference. Switching the red and white around even seems to make the blue look brighter.
  14. Yes yes yes. I hate when teams do that. I work for a sporting goods store and everytime someone wants to put baseball/softball etc. in the tail I try to talk them out of it, but they think it's the coolest thing ever. Like people are not going to know what your playing while watching you. There was a time during the 1980s when a LOT of high school volleyball teams (at least in Kansas) just had to have either a volleyball or a volleyball net on the front of their uniforms. It just made me think why that was necessary. Did the coaches think that without those elements, we wouldn't know the players belonged on the court? ("They don't have a volleyball on their uniform! Get those basketball players off the volleyball court!")
  15. The only way that could happen in the NFL right now is something like this: A college QB is drafted but his team decides to turn him into a running back in pre-season, so he gets assigned a number in the 20s. Then due to an emergency situation, the team has to put him in at QB and decides to keep him there. He's now grandfathered in with his running back number and could keep it if he wants. Similarly, if Tim Tebow goes to a team that decides to put him at fullback or tight end, he can continue to wear 15 because he's grandfathered in. (Same has how Devin Hester still wears No. 23 even though he's a full-time WR now.)