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  1. Do you have all the Fort Wayne Tincaps logos? The main site has many of them but I am specifically looking for the road script. Thanks.
  2. Has anybody seen the gamer jackets at any stores?
  3. Do you have the Fort Wayne Tincaps colors? I was wondering what is the official name for their shade of green. Thanks
  4. Hey iamthedorf, great job! I was wondering if you had any midwest league logos? Most notably the Fort Wayne Tincaps.
  5. Anybody have a batting practice hat that can be used in paint? Thanks!
  6. I would like your templates if you are still gonna make them. The other ones I couldnt get to work in paint. Thanks
  7. wow thats really cool...can i get a tim tebow florida gators? in the blue jersey...thanks
  8. How do u make a concept in Photostop? I just got it last night and was wondering how to do it. Also, how do u make a background with just a player instead of all the surrondings in the picture? Thanks for the help!
  9. I am only using paint so i cannot create a good logo, plus i have no drawing ability. I just used their official logo. Thanks for the C&C.
  10. I am a big fan of the Fort Wayne Komets but I dont like their new away jerseys....so I came up with a complete set. I think they look pretty good. C&C please!
  11. can u send me this template? rnewvy9@yahoo.com thanks
  12. rnewvy9

    Jersey Wallpaper

    could i get some chicago cubs ones please?
  13. ok thanks In the Eastbay catalog there were always strict rules about the Florida jerseys. Not just "no current player", but something like you could only get the numbers 1, 00, or 96.
  14. this might be off topic but does anyone know a website where i could get a florida gators customized jersey (like have LEAK 12 on it)? i cant find a website that has any. thanks for the help
  15. is anybody gonna make a concept of it for the website? i was jw. thanks