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  1. hey elliott, is your inbox full?

  2. clear out your inbox, trying to send a pm man

  3. Hey man just wanted to say nice work on finishing the NHL rebrands on icethetics, I liked pretty much everyone. Nice job.

  4. i just want to tell you that i think that paramore pic is pretty sick

  5. oh sweet, i'm wisconson mayn's friend

  6. we kicked da wisconsim mayn's ass. he can go suck it.

  7. wisconson man is just beamin behind his compuuta, gotta get this little :censored:er

  8. Da Wisconsin mayn stoled mah sandwich!

  9. I find it odd that a Wisconsin Mayn doesn't like the Wild or the Blackhawks.

  10. derz got 2 b i seen it on europe mapz

  11. they aint no winconson in georgia mayn.

  12. who is diz winconson mayn

  13. You are extremely immature. Not only does it show in your comments, but also in the fact that your only dis is "douchebag". Shows that you are probably in about 7th grade.

  14. Actually I'm not Michael Vick lol. He is probably at the top of my list for players to hate.