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  1. ^Such a nice contrast of colors here and 100x better with the oilers wearing the orange-heavy RR. Would be so much boring if they were wearing their normal road sweaters. the orange breezers are pretty odd (have we seen orange pants in the NHL before this?), but i find myself really enjoying seeing them on the ice.
  2. They're beautiful. Very small thing but it was a strange choice to use a red stripe in the socks. It doesn't work with the striping of the uniform and only matches the... gloves? Based on how the original jersey worked, this stripe should be green. It would also correspond to the green accents in the cactuses on the hem.
  3. Is this the first case of an "alternate" helmet in the NHL? I can't think of it happening before.
  4. The Coyotes over-corrected towards traditional when they rebranded in 2003 but I do think it ended up being a good look for them. I remember at the time that the all-red seemed really refreshing (especially watching on TV) because although the 90's uniforms are obviously unique they looked really washed out and bland on the TV screens of the era. I mean just look at these highlights. They look dull. Now? The throwbacks look 100x better on tv now in the HD era. You can actually see the green shoulders and the red in the socks. But like, it's a lot of 90s nostalgia combined with the "they're so good, they're bad" factor... right? The original coyotes uniforms are what got me in to sports jersey design when I was a kid because I loved them so much, so it's a bit hard for me to look at it all objectively, but they're gaudy and ridiculous. That's why they are great. It's like the gradient Jazz or Hawks jerseys of the 90s ... Canucks and Penguins jerseys with gradients... etc. They're bizarre and that's why we like them.
  5. The color balance actually isn't bad. People hated the "roadkill" coyote logo, but it's not a terrible uniform in terms of color balance and, yeah, like you mentioned, the striping elements weirdly work. The curved "armpit" striping sort of matches the curvature of the primary head logo. I don't think another team has worn this color sequence either... red helmet, black jersey, red breezers, black socks. Historically it's certainly different. All that said, it's probably my least favorite uniform the Coyotes have ever worn.
  6. Wow, never knew these existed. Certainly a "forgotten" uniform. Especially considering how iconic the current colts unis look. I never realized they had gone with silver pants. UGA's road combo works quite well, although the silver should be slightly darker / metallic. Also, UGA black alternates and Falcons throwbacks are nice examples of red helmet with darker color jersey base.
  7. These pics illustrate how this set was designed originally to work best with the black jersey......just in the way the red piping properly works and provides a better balance. The piping for the current red uniform / white pants combo always seemed forced. Especially when they had to flip the colors, so there is black piping on a 2nd set of white pants with the red stripe flare at the bottom. Still, the piping is terrible and really didn't age well. I remember liking these Vick uniforms at the time, but I was also like 10 years old. It is absolutely unbelievable that they didn't change designs when they had the opportunity to do so. It would have made sense with the end of the Vick era and start of the Ryan era. It would have made sense moving in to the new stadium. My only theory is that Arthur Blank somehow thinks these are "iconic" uniforms but they simply aren't. Instead we are still going to be stuck with these garbage uniforms for the foreseeable future.
  8. Totally agree with every note here. Jags are a teal pants stripe away from being quite good. No thanks. The epitome of a pointless overly-modern pants stripe. I couldn't stand the trapezoid shape. Even the Bucs pants are better because they "connect" to the socks at the bottom of the pants. The old Jags pants just looked so awkward with the too-wide trapezoid right in the middle.
  9. ^ So the shade of yellow/gold hasn't really been fixed? im confused--originally thought from earlier in the thread that they fixed that issue. just hoping that it's not the same too-bright yellow shade as last season. has anyone seen the white shorts? Searched through a lot of photos online and have not been able to locate a picture of the white shorts yet.
  10. Lol yep. Classic over-reactions. The simplicity is so refreshing.
  11. Yep. this pants stripe is the missing piece here. Especially if they wore the black jersey with teal pants combination, that black pants stripe would work perfectly. Thinking about it more though, I believe they are the ONLY team in the league now without a pant stripe on their primary pants. Maybe the lack of this element is what sets them apart now? i don't know, I appreciate minimalism, but I typically don't care for football uniforms without a pants stripe, not a fan of that trend in college football either. However I appreciate the possibility that the Jags knew that the lack of any vertical element on the pants at all would set them apart in a weird way. like a few others have said, I think that people are going to really warm up to this uniform when they see white jersey - teal pants and black jersey - teal pants combos on the field. Both are going to look beautiful. So even though the gripe that the teal uniforms arent the primary is a valid one, the fact that they added teal pants is huge.
  12. Agree. The last set was firmly one of the bottom-3 looks in the league. Now (by my estimation) they are about 23rd best in the league ha, the Jags now look better than the primary looks for the Bengals, Browns, Rams, Bucs, Titans, Jets, and the teams still using piping (Cardinals, Falcons,Patriots). Still a huge upgrade. Sometimes less is more They do need a simple vertical one color pants stripe. the plainness of the jerseys themselves doesn't bother me too much, after all, uniforms that people seem to like (Colts, Giants, new Dolphins, Raiders, Texans) all have little to no striping on the jerseys. But, all of those looks are "grounded" by sort of pants stripe to balance out the minimalism of the jersey tops, and add some sort of motif. What is the Jags new motif? just that simple angled stripe that you can barely see on the cuffs and the bottom of the pants? It's not much. However, I think people who don't like these are quickly forgetting just how bad the Jags old unis were! the trapezoid box stripe on the pants, the overdesigned numbers, and the gradient were all-time bad. I quite like the angled stripe on the socks. It's unique and subtle and a nice change of pace because so many teams just use one-color socks.
  13. The red rocks Jazz uniforms have grown on me, they are just fun. Remind me a lot of the tequila sunrise Astros or the rainbow skyline Nuggets But talk about a team without a color identity. I wonder how Jazz fans feel about what exactly their identity is? They had phases where they were green, then purple, then the 90s teal gold and purple craziness, THEN another trend-driven two tone blue during the 00's, THEN back to retro look while still totally changing the colors with the navy-green-yellow combination, THEN another total curveball with the red-orange-yellow uniform. (That must be one of the only examples in sports where a team wears basically every color on the ROYGBIV spectrum in their history, right? I guess you cant say whether the current City ones are red or orange, but they cover every single other color. Crazy.)
  14. elliott

    NHL 2017-18

    Has no one mentioned that the canadiens basically looks like they are playing maple leaf dress-up on these wideshots of this game?
  15. elliott

    NHL 2017-18

    First time we have seen the two-color striped collar in that "polo" collar section on the Sens there? The Blackhawks would have been better served going with a collar like that on their red uniform (white instead of silver on the inner section obviously) instead of the oversided collar with the pentagon cutout. Habs do not look great. silver is incredibly unnecessary with their scheme and really muddies it. Don't love the silver trim on the blue numbers. Senators look like a weird Portland Trail Blazers NHL-NBA crossover. Underwhelmed by these.