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  1. Definitely agree that some of their looks have gone with the trends of the times but their original uniforms were definitely a classy timeless look. that said, the way the jags have used teal with black accents in the past was a unique look for them and looked nothing like the dolphins. there are too many teams that wear all black or at least heavily emphasize black in the NFL-- teal uniforms from the jags were always a nice bright refreshing look in my eyes. I get that jaguars are in reality black and gold, but they could nicely work in a "jaguar print" motif as a very subtle striping element. Teal unis, black striping on the arms with subtle gold jaguar "spots"worked in. Not a bad start to a look IMO. also, the old logo was a modern classic. I've seen a lot of people saying that they like the number font, but to me, it's far too pointy and needs to be toned down a tiny bit to look less like a nike stock font. it currently looks rather collegiate.
  2. What are the only looks that we can all confidently agree are upgrades? I'd say Avalanche, Wild, and Hurricanes are the only ones. Sabres and Flames also benefited from removal of piping, but those are fairly minor. Blue Jackets and Senators with upgrades in terms of font. 2 of the best looks in the league , the Stars and the Blackhawks (IMO, because people might argue the Stars one), and now really brought down by the collars. I think the only cases where these collars really "work" is when the very upper section kind of flares outward and the lower, thicker portion of the collar is the same color as the jersey body or the shoulder yoke. Vegas has this collar treatment and looks pretty good. When the collar color contrasts with the jersey base, that's when the problems start.
  3. In theory we shouldnt have to care about socks as much, because they should just match another part of the uniform like arm striping or shoulder striping. I really, really don't like the islanders home socks because they don't match the striping at all and seem utterly random. However socks can definitely be an element that give a uniform charm or a unique aspect. The old Bruins and Leafs socks are great examples of this. Sadly both are gone now. I also think that socks become important when they throw off the color balance of the uniform. The old Caps socks illustrate this. Weird leotard effect. Although the new Jackets socks are consistent i think it's just a little too much blue down there, but one could argue that the home jersey has the same exact issue. personally i'm a huge fan of their away look, but home isn't as good.
  4. It looks fine in this image, but from farther away its hard to even see theres a sock stripe there (just look like blank blue socks), and the piece of thicker white tape at the top illustrates my earlier point that a player could totally cover up one of the stripes with a strategically placed piece of tape. Really the only sock stripes in the league right now that are more "piping" than "striping". The white socks are way better because of the large block of blue in the middle.
  5. Also, not sure if this has been mentioned, underrated huge upgrade, the blue jackets number font, was watching them a bit this afternoon and I think the numbers look fantastic. However, and this has definitely been mentioned, the new blue socks don't look good at all on TV. It's an example of design consistency being good "in theory" but the thin white and red stripes barely show up, and i noticed that they were so thin that they were being completely covered by players sock tape in a lot of instances, creating some weird inconsistencies. I didn't like the blue jackets old socks either, but the stripes on these should be much thicker.
  6. Boston's sock being virtually identical to Pittsburgh's is so irritating. Both teams have their socks completely wrong, though. Boston's should be yellow. However, i think they should have flipped the black and white in the previous yellow socks, which would have created a bit more consistency with the arm striping (having it always go black-white-black when inside of yellow, if that makes sense). Pittsburgh's should be identical to their arm striping on the dark uniform, with the yellow extending down to the bottom of the sock.
  7. Also as a falcons fan, i think it looks even worse, sorry. the sleeve cap striping doesn't translate well to this template, having even less real estate now, and it still looks so outdated. they've had many opportunities to change this look and i'm extremely disappointed that they still haven't-- especially this latest opportunity with the new stadium.
  8. I'm gonna disagree a bit here and say that the Spurs were in need of a slight refresh... their look, while iconic, is so boring. The shorts logo and the wordmark simplification I kind of like, its the type of subtle change that can switch things up and align the uniforms with the modifications they made to their branding, while also keeping it obvious that it's the Spurs. BUT the cut of the arm trim, the side panel overlapping, and the bottom of the shorts are all annoying downgrades. One step forward, one step back. All that said, my favorite look of theirs is the black on black numbers. While not as legible, it was a unique feature that you didn't forget.
  9. Did the Magic lose that weird swoopy stripe at the bottom of the shorts? If so, underrated upgrade. The Disney sponsor is probably also the least offensive of all of the sponsors so far. I remember really loving the Grizzlies set like 10 years ago. I'm still fine with the color palette, and it is a little more unique now that other teams (nuggets, jazz) have gone away from the light blue + dark blue fad from the mid 00's. BUT at the same time i don't think it has aged particularly well... possibly because of small downgrades like losing the inner stroke on the number font and losing the logo from the shorts. It makes it seem way more plain. EDIT : good point in the posts right above-- the nike template doesn't do wonders for these curved design elements. that also downgrades the Grizz look a bit.
  10. Also the wordmark on these is kinda funky and unique... the current wordmark is one of the more generic fonts in the league. The lack of white in these truly makes the color scheme shine. if the dark blue accent in the side panel was white, all of the colors would be muddled.... similar to the problem with the uniforms that were just released.
  11. I would say probably because of $$. If fans have bought a lot of the yellow "the city" jerseys, having a totally new spin on "the city" like we see above could improve jersey sales even more
  12. Predators did the right thing. They are the only team really pushing yellow as the main color, so this fits. I think the yellow jerseys contrast enough with all other teams in the league where they couldve gotten away with white shoulders... So basically the inverse of this road uni that they just unveiled. It's weird that the yellow jersey doesn't even have the blue shoulder stripes to create adidas version of a "phantom yoke" . Don't like that inconsistency. The road is far superior to the home.
  13. I don't know, I think the change is so minor that most fans will not notice. And the uniforms are still very clearly the Bulls, nothing like the Heat. I think that the random addition of the 4-star flag motif of the shorts waist is far more offensive in chicago's update. It seems really out of place. I don't think the Bulls will be the only team with the color at home jersey and it seems like the NBA is encouraging color-vs-color, so I think you're going to continue seeing a lot of unique matchups. it wont be as simple as "if my team wears a color at home, you see a red vs white matchup every time" type of thing. The Bulls will primarily wear red at home lets say, but unless a team wears red on the road, you will see red vs black if the spurs come to town, red vs green if the celtics come to town, red vs blue if the warriors come to town, etc. Plus i bet a bunch of these teams will choose to wear their alternates or throwbacks at home, as well. the "association and icon", or whatever it's called, thing that nike is pushing, I just read that as: the league is shifting away from the white at home paradigm, things will get crazier, players will be allowed to choose what they wear, one-off alternates, etc. the league will continue to move towards what nike is doing with college football. brands will be more fluid, and just like college football, it'll be harder to tell by a quick glance at the screen which team is wearing which color and which team is at home.
  14. It could help them be different, but wouldn't look great. I don't think it looks bad in the context of their old alternate jersey, but from a broader perspective of how it would be used across all uniforms and promotional stuff.... idk, having both navy and black in the color palette totally muddles the identity, I think. Would the shoulders of the white uniform be black or navy? Would black ever be able to touch navy or would it ALWAYS have to have a line of white or red separating it? Just look at the recent Cavaliers uniforms. So unnecessary, just pick either black and navy as your dark accent and stick with it. Also, Butler basketball has had some atrocious uniforms in the past just because navy and black are used side by side and you can't even see the difference on TV.
  15. The image on the mothership seems to include a slightly different collar for the Coyotes?
  16. So if i understand this correctly, teams can choose whether they want their main home uniform to be light and dark, and then the road team has to choose a "clash" from their collection of uniforms?
  17. Wasnt expecting this but LOVE the white gloves and against the grey it solidifies a unique look for the league. I originally thought that Vegas would look very very similar to the Ducks original 2006 rebrand (the color balance of the logos still are rather similar), but it just isn't the case, they have created their own aesthetic. Definitely impressed. People are bringing up a good point that they will get scuffed.... but white goalie pads get scuffed up too and no one really cares, it's part of the game.
  18. Wow... I was REALLY in to the Avs and Canes home sweaters but both of them kind of dropped the ball with the roads, just downgrades the set as a whole. edit: does anyone have any good pictures of the under-arm design of the Senators? It looks even worse now, from the images I've seen (was that even possible??), due to the way the white patch abruptly ends near the under-arm. The white under-arm panel used to be attached to the black panel coming up from under the sleeves. I don't know if we have enough good pictures to even properly discuss this. The all-black collar and block number design for them are decent improvements I'd say, but i think they somehow downgraded the old abstract edge template
  19. Also if you rewind back to the EDGE takeover of 2007 the league has improved it's overall color balance and vibrancy sooooo much. Flyers were in black. Wild were in red. Stars were in black. Predators were in navy. oilers were in navy. There weren't ANY orange, green, or yellow teams. We now have those plus a charcoal grey team. So much better. Now for the Kings to go back to purple...
  20. Wow BOTH carolina and colorado have one of these rare shifts of going from a potentially bottom-5 uni in the league to potentially top-10 Meanwhile new jersey goes from a decent look to a very unfinished one.
  21. 'member the summer of 2007? those leaks were so great. things are about to get crayzyyyy tonight (i hope)
  22. Totally agree. Simplicity is not a bad thing. But wow, the Blues numbers are now white??? Weird.
  23. I suppose that it's a fine line between being bland and exercising restraint, but i stray more towards the latter... the Preds brand is "yellow" , its pretty recognizable, so maybe they felt they could really simplify their striping elements. It will also look better when accompanied by a yellow pants stripe. Also another little detail-- it appears the sleeve numbers now have the guitar lines in them?
  24. Looks like some of these curved reebok sleeve elements could now just be straight lines? I wonder how they are going to handle teams that heavily rely on curved striping like the Ducks for example. Shouldn't really surprise anyone. The World Cup uniforms were so simple. I don't mind the Preds. They seem to be going for more of an iconic look rather than the overdesigned piping mess. Which everyone complains about, and now they simplify it, and it's bad haha? damned if they do, damned if they don't
  25. See, I think the collars are fine in this context. That is, when the base of the collar is the same as the base of the jersey, and the contrast color is the smaller part at the top. This will also look good on the roads, assuming the collar is exactly the same and will blend with the blue shoulders. If this particular collar was entirely red, I think it would look bad, because it's a bit bulky, so if teams do a totally contrasting design, then we might have some issues. Similar effect to the way-too-big Nike NFL flywire collars. What is most interesting to me is how the designs with lace-up elements will look. Will there be an entirely new shape to those collars, or will they keep this exact template seen above, with the pentagon shaped NHL shield "holder" being positioned slightly behind the laces?
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