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  1. They both have the word Vegas in them. I'd say that's where the similarities end.
  2. Here's the Clemson wallpaper we do every year. You can download using the link below...
  3. Here's the Clemson football wallpaper HC creates every year, just for fun. Think of it as a poster for your desktop. Link to download hi-res versions below.
  4. As someone who used to work at CLC, your chances of getting a license for poker or gambling-related products are slim to none. Additionally, the licensee approval process is an extremely daunting task. The application process is designed to filter out people that aren't serious about getting licensed. It will take you a long time to complete the process. You will also need product liability insurance. I would first ask yourself if this is something you want to seriously consider getting involved in because it will take a ton of your time and effort. If you simply think you have a 'cool idea' for a product and you'll just be granted a license based on your 'cool idea', this probably isn't for you.
  5. Great meeting you Donovan. Good times had by all. Looking forward to next year. -T
  6. This brings the Fraser Davidson ripoff total to 1,965.
  7. 'So in conclusion, mono means one, and rail means rail. And that concludes our extensive three-week course.'
  8. That's what I had in mind.
  9. Great hangin' this weekend fellas! Definitely should do this more often. Had a really great group... I would encourage you guys to hit Creative South in Columbus in April. I'm sure Joe, Fraser and Uncle Todd Radom will be there. I certainly will be. Thanks for driving us around Kris!
  10. Very cool. Were you at the press conference? Unfortunately no. I think I'll be attending some of the events surrounding the grand opening though.
  11. Proud to have worked on this project with the HOF. Here's a couple more shots of some of the things we worked on.