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  1. Croatia home kit is great and so unique but the problem with it is that it clashes with both red and white so when playing countries like Russia, England, Denmark, Croatia must where their 2nd kit.
  2. Anybody have any idea what the final four match ups will look?
  3. I know it is not a Super Bowl match up but this is one Nice NFC championship match up.
  4. This is way over due and a huge upgrade. Well done. Are the jays getting new uniforms for the start of their first Big East season?
  5. Not a fan of the Islanders new jersey. Boring and is that the best font they could come up with. The jersey really should have been green and orange, to me that says PEI and it is unique to the CHL.
  6. Why not just go with the 87s similar to the Ottawa 67s.
  7. Those USF shorts look like a pair of Billabong board shorts. As a surfer I like them.
  8. The First time I saw Sherbrooks new logo I thought Smironoff redesigned their logo.
  9. The school that I teach at was looking for a new sports logos, we are the Royals and the school admin wanted to go in the Lion direction. This is the first logo I have desniged. What do you think?
  10. As an Ottawa resident I really like it and would were this forsure. Glad you stayed away from black and red horizental strips.
  11. jeremyb

    WHA Redesign

    I'm sorry but I had no idea the Ottawa National's logo was a lumberjack, I thought it was a Sihk
  12. really great concept. I can't help to wonder what it would like with green as the primary colour and grey as the accent colour.