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  1. The brewery down the way from my old house, Terrapin, was founded by a couple of deadheads, so it makes sense that their label designs are done by an artist who did work for the Grateful Dead.
  2. Given that Arrested Development was maybe above anything else a satire on the Bush family and W's America, it shouldn't be surprising that the naming of Gob Bluth was a direct reference to Jeb Bush. It's no coincidence. (this is, though:) Steve Holt!
  3. those early-2000s ESPN MLB graphics really are the gold standard in my mind. so clean and legible, and never distracting.
  4. Conceptually, I like the Eagles helmet. But I'm not super keen on it in actuality. I've never been a fan of the way they've paired the dark green with black, and I don't like the shape of the wings themselves. The roundness in the wing joint on the modern helmet strikes me as odd because there actually is a natural angularity in the wings of a flying eagle. They had that shape down fine from '55 to '95. Obviously it makes sense to have tried to clean it up and detail it, but it didn't have to be rounded so much. Alternately, I'm interested in the idea of just going with a more stylized version, something akin to the wings on the early-'70s primary. Something simple, bold, and evocative with a less muddled color scheme would absolutely be a top-5 helmet.
  5. Ooh, a place to post the gem I responded to last month. http://www.sportslogos.net/logo_comments.php?id=138
  6. Wasn't aware that Jagr, Straka, and Gretzky "flamed out" with the Rangers.
  7. Joe Sakic is a traitor because he never played for the Croatian national team.
  8. I get the feeling you're the only Canadian who feels this way. God knows Canada needs more hockey players.
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