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  1. Bring it nerd! One made cinematic history, and revolutionized an entire industry. The second one had nifty lighting, some snappy dialog and no actual ending.
  2. UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: I think the Red Sox are overrated. I think the Babe Ruth curse is/was overstated and I think their narrative is no more compelling than a lot of other ball clubs out there. I I think the Leafs get FAR too much praise, attention and devotion from the CBC. I think if you DARE to really speak the truth about that INEPT franchise on HNiC they quickly show you the door. HNIC is essentially a massive multi-million dollar infomercial that perpetuates the WORST hockey franchise of the post-expansion era. I can't think of a single Padres logo or jersey I like, yes, even the brown/mustard stuff from 1984. Fenway Park ain't all that. That wall on left field is DUMB, the place reeks of urine. Dodger Stadium is an underrated ball park, I'd put it in my top 3. Micro-brews are generally overrated and a decent, bottled beer is just fine, thank you, (and generally half the price). Empire Strikes Back is NOT the best Star Wars movie. It's fun film, but nothing holds a candle to the impact the original Star Wars film had. That film also had the most complete story, the most iconic lines and revolutionized how Hollywood makes and promotes movies. I miss old Tiger Stadium. The black on the Calgary Flames jerseys/logos suck and I miss the old 1989 stuff. I HATE the Colorado Avalanche gear and name, bring back the Colorado Rockies. I like my LA Kings in purple and gold and not silver and black. My favorite Alouettes logo is the dumn letter "a" that *sort* of looks like a bird. Sorta. I like the old "Tony Eason" Patriots gear better. The Seahawks NFC revision was a CLUSTER and I much, much prefer the older, sadder Seahawk logo. Arsenal's new logo sucks and I miss the busier, antiquated logo. Also yellow should always be Arsenal's alternate color. The neon-green Sounders stuff is AWFUL. I love what the Sounders have done for domestic soccer, but I much prefer their blue jersey and their new 2012 alternate (blue/yellow with a collar) is the UGLIEST thing I've ever seen. My favorite Leafs jersey is the 70's style, "Daryl Sitler" style jersey. I think some of the best work in jerseys lately has been with MLS (despite what I said about the Sounders). That Portland kit looks pretty cool (hate the team, love the kit). I actually think the greatest Expo isn't Gary Carter, it's Rusty Staub. Calgary Stampeders have the same problem the Flames have with adding black to the color scheme. In general, black is a highly overrated color for sports gear, so is orange. Ban the DH. Canada should abandon the NBA (or vice-versa) The Indians logo and name IS racist, that's just obvious. Change it. Ditto, Redskins. I like the NY Jets logo/colors from the 80's better. All-white baseball hats are fine, people who rant about them are weird. Matching your baseball hat to match your sox, shoes or laces is weird. Just grab your favorite team's hat and go to the ballpark, nobody cares that you color-coordinate your sports-accessories. Red Yankee hats and green Red Sox hats are some of the dumbest sports gear out there. The maple-leaf is NOT overused in Canadian sports gear, it's a superb geometric symbol, and I'd welcome it being used more. On the other hand, Canada's soccer team needs a serious face lift and could use a more traditional maple-leaf logo. I'd applaud if Toronto FC agreed to rename themselves the Blizzard. Other NASL named I'd enjoy coming back are the Sting and Cosmos. I LIKE the idea and concept behind Chivas USA. The 1992 World Series was actually the better, more exciting World Series for Jays fans. It produced some incredible baseball, the 1993 World Series ended with a bang but actually had a lot of poor play. ...There I should have sufficiently ruffled everyone's feathers with at least one of those rants. Thank you for letting me vent!
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